Apr. 3, 2021

If I'd have known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself. ~ Eubie Blake

How true, now that I'm 70! I first heard it from Mickey Mantle, who utterly had trashed himself, but it was originally from jazz pianist legend Eubie Blake, who performed well into his 90s. May we all do so well and live so long.

Mar. 2, 2021

We have seen the enemy and he is us. ~ Walt Kelly aka Pogo

I swear, humanity's problems are brought on by ourselves. This quote is a parody of Oliver Perry's War of 1812 quote "We have seen the enemy and they are ours." Funny, I always thought it was Douglas MacArthur. 

Feb.13, 2021

You're only young once, but you can be immature forever. ~ Germaine Greer

I first saw this as a quote from football player Larry Anderson, but later saw it ascribed to Germaine Greer among others. It matters not to me, I immediately took it as my mantra. It just seems so... me. Kind of in the mold of my age: old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway. Sage advice!

Shin's Favorite Quotes

Other people seem to say things much better than I do, so starting February 13, 2021, I'm compiling some of my favorites with a short explanation of each. Enjoy! 

RESOLVED: Be musical. (Jan - Aug)  I've done well here. Surprisingly, I've kept up with flute, doing about a 10 minute routine 5 or 6 days a week to maintain my "skills".  I also learned some slide but let it, well, slide a bit recently.  I also played some keys when Void Where Prohibited toured Colorado and Utah!  My main venture is Void which has been very active.   I've also been working with an old friend of mine, Jim Schultz) working up a low volume duet thing.  We've played a couple of open mics and my neighborhood block party.  I'm also active in my church's band "Joyful Noise" as a guitarist and as needed bassist.  Also played a couple of solos in church.  As for seeing others perform, I've gotten out quite a bit, thinking back probably a little better than my once per month.

(Sep) No change.

(Oct) No change except that I have Sultans of Swing ready to perform with Void!  (Very difficult piece.)

(Nov) No change.  Not going to enough performances.  Have worked up specific parts for the Church concert.

(Dec)  Played the Church Concert reasonably well.  The duo with J. Schultz is coming together.  No Void gigs while breaking in new drummer.

RESOLVED: Cut down on brainless computer games. (Jan - Aug)  Disaster.  It's either borderline pathological or nowhere NEAR that fine line.  This has been going on for years. Probably over 4 hours per day.

(Sep)  About the same.

(Oct) If possible, worse.

(Nov) Got somewhat better.  Reinstitution of the Jen List rechanneled my energies!

(Dec) Still a problem. 

RESOLVED: Be organized.  (Jan - Aug)  I've done pretty well. Must re-institute the Jen List in September.  Finances have been well tracked.  Housekeeping has been okay, and I did a couple of major things in August to free up some room.  Did most maintenance on the car but need to take it in ASAP for next routine thing.  It's now by far the longest I've had one car!  The house is in pretty good shape for company.

(Sep) About the same.  I developed a list of routine daily chores to supplement the Jen list.  Mixed results there.

(Oct) Still pretty good, but I haven't been good with either the Jen List or the Daily list which I will hereby drop.

(Nov) Did well with the Jen List.  It really helps. The house was getting pretty bad, but it's okay now.

(Dec) Strong finish after returning home from Christmas trip.  Overall in good shape.

RESOLVED: Travel.  (Jan - Aug)  I haven't done much. This year I've gone to Michigan but had a "Circumnavigation Tour" get hosed due to weather and other scheduling problems.  I may re-do it in 2016.  I also took my annual trip to Colorado with the band, but that's not really anything new.  I thought I was going to go somewhere "south of the border", either Peru or Central America, but that's not happening.  This year I will resurrect my 58 County Pledge.  That's about it.

(Sep) Nothing new except I'm ready to get back to "The Pledge."

(Oct) Nothing, which is not good.)

(Nov) Found a somewhat combined tour of Peru / Gallapagos. I've requested info.  Christmas in Washington this year!

(Dec) Have to follow up on the Peru thing!  Bad year for travel.

RESOLVED: Socialize.  (Jan - Aug)  I've been okay.  I've kept up with my Facebook friends pretty well, generally recognizing birthdays and posts I've enjoyed.  Church has helped in this regard, and I've widened my range of musical contacts.  I still need to get out more.  

(Sep) No significant change.

(Oct) No change which is not good.

(Nov) Still a bit of a hermit.

(Dec) Still need to get out more!

RESOLVED: Be involved with the community.  (Jan - Aug) This has been okay.  Earlier this year I helped at the local library with a filing project.  I also performed with my friend Jim at a neighborhood block party. I've been active in the church and wrote a letter to the minister regarding social concerns.

(Sep) Started picking up trash on the street as part of my walking routine!  Volunteered to perform at Church function.

(Oct) No change which is not good.

(Nov) Still no change.

(Dec) No change.  

RESOLVED: Honor commitments.  (Jan - Aug)  Good so far. All financial commitments have been met.  Missed a time change on a church band commitment but was able to perform on time.  I promised four family visits this year and have made two, which is good.

(Sep) Been too long since my last family visit.

(Oct) Thanksgiving and Christmas plans made.

(Nov) Thanksgiving with family happened - low key, good fun!

(Dec) Christmas happened, got all my visits in.  Bills and other financial commitments done.  Success!