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Shinn's Cats

Last Update: May 7, 2023

In early March, 2023, I adopted two cats, Buddy and Monty. It didn't last, and starting April 3, the saga of Buddy and Monty continued without me. They were both wonderful little beasties, but cat ownership just wasn't for me. Within 2 weeks, both had found new homes.

Watch this space for the next Next Big Thing.

Buddy before Shinn..jpeg
Monty before Shinn.jpeg

Buddy Pre-Shinn

Monty Pre-Shinn

(3-22-23) Monty is diligently inspecting my living room rug. So alert and meticulous. I don't think he found anything amiss... at least I never heard from the County Carpet Police.

Monty Resting.jpg
Buddy Resting.jpg

(3-22-23) Buddy demonstrated some serious computer skills during his stay. He was so anxious to help me with my taxes, but I enjoy doing them so much myself, I passed on his generous offer.

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