So a month has gone by since my last update here. I've since had my urology exam in which no news was once again good news. My PSA was again 4.1, exactly where it's been for the last two years. Most excellent.

As described on the main page, I tried to donate blood, but my veins didn't cooperate.

My dermatology exam also found nothing, more good news. My dermatologist, just like my urologist, found nothing.

My exercise regimen has been my regular two-mile walks around the neighborhood, down to four or five days a week. I just haven't been motivated as much as I need to be. My weight has been pretty consistent between 196 and 200. Not great, not bad.

My diet's been pretty reasonable. No mammal meat or fowl, but my strictly vegan ways have given way to frequent sea food, eggs and yogurt. I'd say I've been vegan-friendly. But I still do a pretty good job getting my fruits and veggies. I feel pretty good.

Sleep has been pretty irregular, but it has been ever since the onset of COVID-19. So perhaps no news isn't necessarily good news.


We're into fire season and the air quality is bad, especially in the morning. I suspect it's the way the winds blow at the different times of day, but things tend to clear up in the afternoon. Today was really bad, the smell of smoke lasting well into the evening. So I neither sang on my porch, nor did I take a walk. My only out of house activity was grocery shopping.

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Somewhere in California, but not near my house.

I just thought it would look impressive.

So I've got the virus, I've got the fires, I've got insomnia, and I've got my own lethargy to deal with. But other than that, I'm physically okay. No power shutoffs yet, and I seem to be steering clear of health issues.

This month's report on my physical status is a short one. All things considered, I'm doing quite well, thank you very much.


I guess that indeed, no news is good news.