This is so weird. This section should be the easiest to update because everything these days is about physical well-being. It's now been over two months since this whole COVID-19 has so radically altered my behavior.

As of today, I'm fine, or at least I'm asymptomatic. A friend of mine (who I haven't seen up close and personal since before the lock-down) got a scare, but is fine also. I don't know anyone who has knowingly contracted the virus. I like to think I'm doing a reasonable job of keeping myself safe, but I know others who are likely doing more.

Although I've cut down grocery shopping trips from generally every other day to about once or twice a week, I haven't gone in on ordering over the phone. I put on a mask and gloves for shopping and any time I think I might run into someone, such as when I take my walks (no gloves on my walks).

I'm assuming a bit of risk when I order take-out, which I've done five times now, from three places. I'm simply trusting these places to do the right things.

Golf courses are opening up, and I have a tee time for Monday. I see golf as a solitary sport, and can keep my distance from others. There will be no "19th hole".

I wash my hands much more than before, and literally count to 20 as I do so. I'm careful to get my hands wet, then turn off the water, then grab the soap. I just got my water bill and, surprisingly, my usage hasn't gone up.

I had been told by my doctor (nurse practitioner really) that I was due for a colonoscopy, but it turns out I'm not until November. Such procedures are being performed. My next dermatology appointment has been postponed until August.

My routine dentist appointment was postponed until further notice. Nothing bad has been going on in that regard and I've been doing a good job with my dental habits, including the water pick. Which brings me to my other dental issue, my pending implant.

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Last update: May 21, 2020

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He's still waiting to go in.

I've has a small hole in my mouth since last year. I mentioned this in my last update. The actual implant is scheduled for this coming Tuesday having been rescheduled once already. I don't know whether it will happen or not, and if not, when it will occur. It's rather odd that I've grown so used to the gap in my teeth on the lower left side. I suppose the biggest danger is that my teeth might realign and draw out the procedure one more step. I hope not.

And it that's the biggest impact to my health this Corona thing sends my way, I can live with that.