Having talked about my vegan experiment on the main page, I felt the need of discussing something else health related. Mind you, overall my health is far better than it has a right to be. I can walk at a fairly good pace for a couple of miles without getting winded. My PSA has been holding constant at a more than acceptable level, my back which had given me trouble in the past is behaving itself, and I have no serious maladies that restrict me from living my life to the fullest. No, I'm not who I was forty years ago or twenty or even five, but physically I'm doing just fine thank you.


HOWEVER, we all need something to complain about. At my last dentist appointment, a complained about a very localized problem. I'd felt it for about a week, so my regular appointment was timed to perfection. At the front of the gum line in the lower left quadrant, between the last and next to last teeth, I could generate a sharp pain. The surest way? Brushing. Not good.

There were a couple of other ways, places I could poke or push, but it was also something that I could avoid. Even brushing in a different manner, more sideways than up and down, was no real problem. Still, something was wrong. So we poked. We prodded. Nothing. Not even that dreaded pointy metal thingy that fills me with dread could tweak it to the slightest of pain. We took an x-ray. Nothing out of the ordinary. We chalked it up to what might have been some kind of infection or other transitory malady that had run its course just in time to embarrass me.

But the next day it was back. And it stuck around and started getting worse. The pokes became more generalized and the prods took less force. What had been a quick, sharp pain that went away as soon as I stopped what I was doing. Now it began to linger a bit longer.


As we'd parted after the last checkup, I was told to call back if I had any more problems.  I didn't. It would go away again and it was manageable, and gee I had enough on my plate anyway. I really didn't want to deal with it. It's hard to believe, but looking at my calendar, I procrastinated for about a month and a half. But such is the nature of something that grows slowly - it simply doesn't warrant attention until something exceptional happens. I'd been acting like the classic frog in a frying pan.

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So a few days ago I went back. More poking and prodding. Nothing. Finally a push and OUCH! I don't think I was ever so relieved to have a dentist inflict pain, but I knew something was wrong. Another look at the x-ray revealed a very light shadow that I almost had to convince myself was there at all. Time for another endodontic experience.

If I need a root canal for this issue, and I'm convinced I will, it will be my third. My first was easy. My second, not so much - an infection turned one visit into two. It may be that this is indeed a lingering boo-boo with no root canal required, but I blocked out time for the whole thing. Watch this space.