RESOLVED: Show Brain Activity.  Write: Participate in the Tuesday writing group and contribute. Read at least half an hour each day.  Try new things.

RESOLVED: Travel.  Finish the 58 County Pledge. Look for new travel opportunities. Michigan, Europe, or something else BIG! Is that Spain I hear calling?

Last update: January 1, 2019

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Brain Activity and  Travel Resolutions

Brain Activity


Final Assessment: I've pretty much stayed at home. Even the finishing of the California Counties involved no overnight stops this year. Perhaps traveling isn't as important to me as I thought. Still, I feel there's something missing...

Dec: Other than my visit to Arcata for Christmas, nada. 

Nov: Starting to map out my travels to all the cities, towns and other population centers of Contra Costa County. Committed to Michigan in 2019. Mentally committed to a Maui birthday. No "Big Banana" plans at this point.

Oct: Still nada.

Sep: Nada.

Aug: I walked the length of every street and official walking path in my home town of Kensington! Travel? Borderline, but yeah, I'm treating it as such. Besides, there's nothing else to report.

Jul: Nada, but August is light on gigs so I'll likely take a day trip or two. Committed to Michigan in 2019

Jun: No longer enthused about Iberia. Or anything else, except maybe family. We'll see. (Sounds like our president.)

May: November looks to be good for Iberia. I feel the need to visit family in Arcata, friends in Michigan, and perhaps something else.

Apr: Still nada. Need to research a good time to visit Iberia.

Mar: Nada, but I DID find a good tour of Spain / Portugal.


Jan: Finalized plans for my Las Vegas birthday weekend. Elvis Costello unfinalized them by cancelling his show. I need to come up with the final stops for the 58 County Pledge. There's only seven left.

Final Assessment: Pretty good. I should find other things to learn and keep reasonably sharp, but I've been consistent with reading, DVDs. and music.

Dec: I need to replace my DVD player, no big deal. Still working on Great Presidents. Piano lessons are done, but self-teaching on alto sax is working well. Still lots of reading. Writing is done for the year, but picks up again in January.

Nov: Finished Founding Fathers, now working on Great Presidents. Still doing flashcards (see October) but not as diligent as needed. Teaching myself alto sax but will probably need to go back to Vince Lars for some lessons. That may put piano on hold.

Oct: Finished Founding Fathers DVDs, started Great American Presidents. Reading is still good. Started doing flashcards to memorize the bass clef.

Sep: Successfully upgraded my computer. Started new DVD set on the Founding Fathers.

Aug: The usual reading and piano, but nothing special.

Jul: Did the bicycle book, but I don't think it quite qualifies. Nothing on the horizon. 

Jun: There is no writing group for summer anyway. The Bicycle book got back-burnered, but it will come up soon. Nothing special.

May: Much like April. Writing ends with this coming Tuesday's session and I'll likely take summer off. Need to read a book I got on bicycling.

Apr: Yes, my brain is still being taxed, but nothing special for April. Doing will with readin' and writin', no 'rithmetic.

Mar: This was good - I bought a bicycle and have been learning its requirements. 

Feb: Doing well with writing. Wrote and will perform a song in Church! Piano is going well so far.

Jan: Reading went well, as did writing. I'm officially trying piano lessons. With help from Wix, I solved and implemented changing the default font setting for this website so I don't have to change it all the time!