RESOLVED: Be organized.  Keep up some form of "to do" list and cross things off!  Also, keep my finances in order.  Keep house.  Maintain the car.  Always keep my house within an hour from being ready for company!  A place for everything and everything in its place! 

RESOLVED: Honor commitments. Pay bills and other financial commitments on time.  Show up on time and prepared as promised.  Perform work I've promised.  Keep up with family and participate in family events.  Update this website at least monthly!

Last update: January 1, 2019

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Commitments and Organization Resolutions 

Honor Commitments

Be Organized

Final Assessment: I'm happy with 2018. Looking back on my monthly assessments, I shouldn't feel this way, but I suppose all's well that ends well. It's not perfect, but it's really not bad heading into 2019.

Dec: Actually pretty good, although my "to do" lists often went by the wayside except when I felt overwhelmed. I was prepared for Christmas despite an early departure for Arcata. December is usually bad for organization, but in general it was good. I even got my car in for service.

Nov: My house is in a state of entropy, but not horrible. The disaster with my curtains was a huge culprit. My laundry room is a mess and my second bedroom is catching up to it! Still, I think that about two hours will get things in reasonable order.

Oct: Still need one big push on the house. This should be a great time for it. My departure from the band calls for some reorganizing of musical gear to make space.

Sep: This again is pretty good, but I still need to make another push beyond the back room. Deleted a bunch of old emails.

Aug: I finally got my back room the way I want it. Now I need to do the rest of the house! I need motivation. I'm really pretty close. (I think.)

Jul: I keep thinking I'm going to put things over the top some day. Not July. Kinda average.

Jun: Dang, just look to the left, missing my tax prepayments! And look at the May entry, the 8 hours didn't happen. BUT I did update the instructions to my brother in the event I croak or become otherwise indisposed.

May: All continues to be reasonably good. A solid day or so (8 hours spread over even a week) probably sees everything in good shape.

Apr: All's well that ends well. I developed a scary backlog of filing and general mess, but cleaned it up by month's end. and things look better. More to do lists are needed. They work.

Mar: Again, this was reasonable, but need tidying up to be a higher priority. I'm guessing I'm about two hours from being where I'd like to be for company. Computer needs some work, and I need to find a haul-away service for my garage accumulation.

Feb: Getting back on track. The house isn't too bad, but I have some things that need storage somewhere. I THINK I'm ready for taxes!

Jan: Not a good start (see commitments!) I have not been doing to-do lists on a regular basis and it shows. Calendar got a bit out of sync and I now have to play my March solo at church the

on a Sunday following a Saturday Void gig. I can do better!

Final Assessment: I was actually quite good in 2018. I was generally good with keeping my calendar, a big help. 

Dec: Despite getting a bit confused as to what day it was a couple of times, I was on time for everything.

Nov: Not great, not bad. I was actually late for my monthly massage! Double booked another event but caught it in time to reschedule.

Oct: Nothing missed. Wrote every week for my writing group. Yay me.


Sep: Missed a performance of a friend who I told I would attend. Everything else was fine.

Aug: Finally made it north to visit my brother and family. This included an overdue comprehensive sharing of how to sort out my life "in the event of..." Things seem to be going well.

Jul: Didn't miss anything. Of course, I don't have many commitments to keep these days! I got a set of vacation pics to my niece Linda, a bigger project than anticipated.

Jun: Doing a good job of not committing. EXCEPT that I missed my tax prepayments by a week. That'll cost me.

May: Finished my commitment to the Personnel Committee. I'm not making any serious new commitments preferring to keep my docket clean for personal reinvention!

Apr: Still good. I've still got a couple of small church committee assignments while my replacement comes on board. Bills are paid.I probably need to make more commitments!

Mar: Still good. Wrapping up my work with the Church Personnel Committee. Got my income taxes done and made my property tax payment on time.

Feb: Nothing missed this time. Got caught up in my writing group. Spent significant time getting my calendar up to date.

Jan: Pretty good except that I didn't pay my DMV renewal - it wasn't forgetting about it, I simply misinterpreted the due date. No biggie. I totally spaced on my first piano lesson, but was able to show up just a little late! Calendars don't work if you don't look at 'em.