RESOLVED: Be healthy.  Keep my weight reasonable.  I finished 2017 at a disappointing 201. I've made no progress since. It's almost February. I want to finish January under 200 and stay there. I want to hit 185 sometime in 2018. Do routine doctor, dentist, eye exams and do specialist things. Adequate diet (fruits & veggies, no excessive junk food) and exercise (5 days a week either walking or golf or reasonable substitute). Take my meds. Back and shoulder stretching routines. Keep reasonable hours.

RESOLVED: Be musical.  Play music (not including performances) an average of 1/2 hour a day when at home or have access.  Listen to music (at least 1 club or concert per month!) Give piano a chance!

Last update: January 1, 2019

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Final Assessment: Weight was horrible, and exercise stumbled the last couple of months. I need to keep better hours. Still, I've kept up with my medical appointments and my posture has been much better. Overall, 2018 should have been better. 2019 will be.

Dec: 216. Last month when I said "send chocolate," I WAS KIDDING! Darned Christmas. Exercise was sporadic, but posture has been getting better, so back problems haven't returned. Too much eating, but I'm getting my fruits and veggies. My hours have been bad. Did the re-do of my crown. Good on meds.

Nov: 215. Situation hopeless, send chocolate. In the midst of getting a crown. The first "permanent" one didn't fit right. The temp's been on for a month! Diet has had the right stuff but too many snacks etc. My back has been fine but exercise has been poor as my hours. Bad month, though no real problems to show for it.

Oct: 214. It's been worse. Of course, now were entering the 2018 fiscal eating season. Doom. Nothing else going on.

Sep: 215. YIKES! Food assortment is good, but too much. After walking all the streets of Kensington, my walking is down significantly. Made my dental appointment and consented to another crown.

Aug: 210. Big deal. My urology exam was excellent, seeing no rise in my PSA and all other stuff stable. Need more exercise.

Jul: 211. Not impressive, but the first weight loss of 2018! I've been lazy, walking maybe half as much as I should. Had a bout with conjunctivitis (eye infection) but I think I'm past it. Still doing good on fruits and veggies, but too much intake. Good on meds.

Jun: 213. Sadly, a trend. Did more walking, no bike riding and I think just one round of golf. Hours better, but I'm waking up before 7:00 too often and then taking an afternoon nap. Hmmm. Had no medical stuff except to pick up new glasses.

May: 210. Ugh. A little more golf. Did the 25+ mile Tour de Cure bicycle ride in Napa, but little else. Walking is down and I need to get back to it. Saw dentist and eye doctor. Hours got a little better, in bed by 1:00 more often than not. Diet still with the needed good things, but also with too much. Minimal stretching.

Apr: More yikes! 209. I did play a round of golf, but need to get back to regular exercise and a decent diet.185? Gotta hit 200 first. Bought the rest of the stuff I need for my bicycle ON WHICH I DID 20 MILES WITH A COUPLE OF AMIGOS!

Mar: Yikes! 206. March was a repeat of February. I did buy and have started to ride a bicycle, which is going to be a good substitute for walking when it gets warmer.

Feb: Weight up to 202. Whoa, stop! Diet had a few binges. Not diligent on my stretching, but no flare-ups. Getting a little better on hours.

Jan: Weight still at 201 as of Feb. 1. Good on exercises and diet, but too much between meal stuff. Stayed up late too much.

Final Assessment: A vintage year. I'm in limbo in terms of an actual project, but with a serious look I'm sure I'll find something. Right now I'm enjoying the process, and that's what's important.

Dec: Another excellent month. Attended the heretofore undiscovered Kensington Symphony Orchestra. Progress on alto sax was actually better than anticipated. I've been keeping up with my "on demand" set (songs that if called upon to sing, I can do.) I've stopped piano lessons, but not piano. My performances at the church concert went well. My new bass guitar hasn't arrived yet!

Nov: This was an excellent month. Played lots of guitar, piano and started alto sax. Saw several performers: the Collective, the Bogues (a "Pogues" tribute band) and four separate acts in Grass Valley: Paul Ong (Pianist / Guitarist), Jim Greeninger (a guitarist from Branson who was actually just rehearsing, but hell, he studied under Segovia!) and a couple of acts whose names I didn't write down. I'm preparing to participate in five songs for the annual church Christmas show. Surveyed open mikes I may want to attend or even perform at. My Grass Valley host Gary has gotten so good I could almost include listening to him as a concert!

Oct: Left my rock and roll band. Saw a most excellent band at the Kensington Farmers' Market (Zoe FitzGerald Carter with Sugartown.) Also an act at the Circus Pub that was good but not my style. Saw Beatles band "Ticket to Ride" at the Starry Plough. Piano energy seems to be waning, but I'm still working at it. Got my alto sax fixed. Worked up and performed two songs with Joe C. at church. Attended songwriting seminar.

Sep: Good job overall with piano and guitar. I need to get my alto sax set up. Missed a couple of chances to see friends perform and in fact saw no club or concert performances. Adequate work on guitar.

Aug: Went to a monthly music fest of rotating musicians. This month's focus was on Tom Petty. Not as impressed as I'd hoped but still good fun. Played the pick-up band gig which was fun, but I prefer to be rehearsed! As of today, two Void gigs are now remaining, I haven't been replaced. Piano still slow but fun.

Jul: Another weird month. I'm very happy with piano. Didn't get to a club or concert. Got my short set of solo songs ready. Had the worst gig in recent memory. I don't know why, other gigs were fine. I still haven't been replaced. 7 gigs more left. One gig with a pick-up band coming up August 11. 

Jun: A weird month. Saw a couple of other acts. Playing lots of piano but seemingly at the expense of guitar. Didn't have enough songs ready to perform at a private party. What's up with THAT??? Played as a flutist at a memorial service and wasn't ready for that either. Live and learn. At least I'm doing piano! Bought an alto sax. We'll see.

May: Did a little more guitar but more piano. Went to a couple of club performances. Fun stuff. Gave my band "Void Where Prohibited" notice, but will likely be with them the rest of the year. Will play flute in a memorial service in June.

Apr: Good, but need to get back to guitar more. Piano is okay, but could use more work. Did NOT see any club or concert performances.

Mar: Still good. Actually had a couple of really good gigs and saw another show at the Ivy Room. The performance at church went over well. Need to do more with piano than I have, but it's picking up.

Feb: Found a great local club making it easy to see music. Saw two shows there. Rehearsed the song I wrote with partner Joe. Will perform this coming Sunday! Simplified my pedalboard which is working out (so far)! Piano is pretty good, too soon to tell.

Jan: This went reasonably well, a couple of gigs and some good practice on songs for gigs. I even wrote a song for church! Saw the Bogues, a Pogues tribute band featuring fellow Void bandmates Sean Silverman and Peter Herbert. Good Irish fun. Started piano lessons.