This is the same set of resolutions as last year.  I kinda think that they're complete and realistic.  This big problem is cutting back on stupid computer games.  I may drop this if other stuff is getting done, but it's still way obsessive.  The other change is that being organized will not be a monthly "to do" list but more a twice a week or so list.

The Resolutions of Shin - 2018

So if anyone is reading this, feel free to contact me and give a critique.  The whole point of going public is to force myself to tell the world how I'm doing.


My values haven't changed.  In alphabetical order:











RESOLVED: Be organized.  Keep up some form of "to do" list and cross things off!  Also, keep my finances in order.  Keep house.  Maintain the car.  Always keep my house within an hour from being ready for company!  A place for everything and everything in its place! 

RESOLVED: Show Brain Activity.  Write: Participate in the Tuesday writing group and contribute. Read at least half an hour each day.  Try new things.

RESOLVED: Travel.  Finish the 58 County Pledge. Look for new travel opportunities. Michigan, Europe, or something else BIG! Is that Spain I hear calling?

RESOLVED: Socialize.  Via both direct contact and computer (email, Facebook, etc.)  Expand friendship circles.  Be appropriate and positive in personal interactions (always an uphill struggle!)  Smile.  Average a snail mail a month!

RESOLVED: Be involved with the community.  Seek and participate in community affairs.  Attend and participate in church.  Be socially responsible and involved.

RESOLVED: Honor commitments.  Pay bills and other financial commitments on time.  Show up on time and prepared as promised.  Perform work I've promised.  Keep up with family and participate in family events.  Update this website at least monthly! Review this page BEFORE updating the "So How'm I Doin' sections!

So How'm I Doin'?

These are pretty much the same as the last few years. A few tweaks here and there, but if I keep these, I'll be doing pretty good. I hope. I gave up on reducing computer games. Life.


RESOLVED: Be healthy.  Keep my weight reasonable.  I finished 2017 at a disappointing 201. I've made no progress since. It's almost February. I want to finish January under 200 and stay there. I want to hit 185 sometime in 2018. Do routine doctor, dentist, eye exams and do specialist things. Adequate diet (fruits & veggies, no excessive junk food) and exercise (5 days a week either walking or golf or reasonable substitute). Take my meds. Back and shoulder stretching routines. Keep reasonable hours.

RESOLVED: Be musical.  Play music (not including performances) an average of 1/2 hour a day when at home or have access.  Listen to music (at least 1 club or concert per month!) Give piano a chance.

Last update: Jan 28, 2018

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Last update: January 1,2019

Note: Next year's resolutions are not yet done but will be included before the end of January. They should be similar, but not identical to the 2018 resolutions.