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Socialize and Community Resolutions

Last update: January 1, 2019

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RESOLVED: Socialize.  Via both direct contact and computer (email, Facebook, etc.)  Expand friendship circles.  Be appropriate and positive in personal interactions (always an uphill struggle!)  Smile.  Average a snail mail a month!

RESOLVED: Be involved with the community.  Seek and participate in community affairs.  Attend and participate in church.  Be socially responsible and involved.


Community Involvement

Final Assessment: I've been pretty consistent with existing outlets (writing group, Wednesday lunch group, church) I've left my band and golf far less than before. I need something(s) to take up the slack.

Dec: Again, nothing special.

Nov: Nothing special. The snail mail project seemed to "die on the vine" as they say. Attended a friend's retirement party.

Oct: Went to a friend's 60th birthday party. Need to network with other musicians more.

Sep: I forgot that last month I rejoined a weekly lunch group! Again, no snail-mail. Missed a few opportunities.

Aug: Re-did trivia night at the Kensington Pub and played for a private party. I still need to get out more.

Jul: Did another snail. Met up with a friend for dinner and will jam with a pick-up band he's putting together for August 11. Discovered Trivia Night at the Kensington Pub!

Jun: Did a snail mail. Went to a large party but was more withdrawn than I should have been, was asked to perform but didn't. Spending too much of my newfound free time at home.

May: No snail mail. Did go out of my way to see a friend's band perform in a small club - was asked to perform on one song in June. There are other people I need to keep up with.

Apr: Did a snail. Mostly to myself. I blame it on taxes!

Mar: Got to get back to the snail mails, my cushion is officially gone (I'm at 3 for the year). Went to a small dinner party. Kept up on facebook.

Feb: Neither good nor bad. No snails. Back to thinking about smiling.

Jan: Nothing special. I had one bad interaction at one of my gigs which I could have easily averted, but I was in no mood. Sent 3 snail mails!

Final Assessment: This is hard to say. I intentionally stayed away from additional commitments for a time. I needed this, though the timing was a bit premature. I'm still not dissatisfied, but will look for creative ways to "do my part."


Dec: The church holiday show went well, but nothing else. Made my usual end of year donations.

Nov: I voted! Hopefully with some intelligence. Was able to expand my involvement in the church holiday show, backing another act.

Oct: Did the duet below. Volunteered to perform with the church band for the holiday show. Starting to collect info for year end contributions. Trying to inform myself for the upcoming elections.

Sep: Volunteered to perform a duet at church late October.

Aug: Stopped trash pick-up while doing my 84-street pledge. I should restart that effort. Participated in the first rehearsal for this year's edition of Joyful Noise, the Church band.

Jul: Not much, but did renew my longstanding commitment to United Way. I no longer donate through my old employer but now make an annual donation. Also donated to the DNC. We need it!

Jun: Did very little. Hmmm.

May: Committee is now past tense, but I'm deliberately staying away from new heavy commitments. Did the American Diabetes "Tour de Cure" bicycle ride. This is an area I need to continually keep tabs on. Okay so far.

Apr: Still tidying up for my committee work. My replacement has been found. I need to keep up involvement with the Kensington police project.

Mar: I am staying with my committee through the April meeting. I attended the Kensington forum regarding the possibility of somehow farming out its police department.

Feb: My committee work officially ends in March. I will probably stay on for an extra month or so. I will likely pick up something else, but I don't know what.

Jan: Continued with the routine things - Church committee work, neighborhood trash pickup.