RESOLVED: Show Brain Activity.  Write: Participate in the Tuesday writing group and contribute. Read at least half an hour each day.  Try new things.

RESOLVED: Travel.  Look for new travel opportunities. Michigan, Europe, or something else BIG! Is that Spain I hear calling? Actually, numerous small things are good, too. Do a Contra Costa County cities thing.

Last update: January 1, 2020

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Brain Activity and  Travel Resolutions

Brain Activity


Final Assessment: Other than my mid-year road trip, this was horrible. I need to follow the old Nike slogan, "Just Do It!"

Dec: Ended pretty poorly. Now I know what the Animals meant when they sang "We Gotta Get Out of This Place".

Nov: Nada. Dang.

Oct: More nada. Really need to at least visit a couple more Contra Costa towns!

Sep: Nada.

Aug: Did 5 more towns in my home county. It looks like late this year or early next, I'll have a new car. How to christen it? 

Jul: Nothing except recuperating!

Jun: Took big (20-day) road trip by car - Grass Valley, CA. to Ludington, MI. to Livonia, MI. to Durango, CO. back through Grass Valley then home. Well I got THAT outta my system (and saw lots of old friends!)


May: 8 more towns done. Not fast, but it doesn't have to be. My road trip will be next month.

Apr: Did the bulk of initial planning for my summer road trip. Did 8 towns. A good month.

Mar: Will do a BIG road trip this summer, all the way to Michigan and back. Was unable to start the 53 towns but the weather is getting downright good!

Feb: Big progress on setting up the 53 town project, mapping out where everything is. Now I just have to do it. Decided that I will visit the famous Benbow Inn for my birthday present to myself. No mega-travels planned.

Jan: FINALLY got this site set up for my 53 town pledge, and I know where everything is! Will start next week. I'm planning to start with the east side of the county.

Final Assessment: Though not an exceptional year, I did a good job of working my brain. Reading, writing, educational DVDs, and learning sax all were rewarding. Cooking and learning veganism were a challenge. Big challenge for 2020? Dealing with house emergencies and planning my estate. Overall, 2019 was pretty good! 

Dec: A variety of educational DVDs, Eastern European history, law, and now quantum physics. Really. Nothing else out of the ordinary.

Nov: Again, the usual. Need follow-through on emergency stuff. I need to figure out what to do leading the church Pastoral Associates.

Oct: Nothing beyond the usual, except lots of thinking through my emergency preparedness and formulating plans. A couple of actions taken.

Sep: Finished The Federalist Papers. What a struggle. Writing to start in October though I've finished my first piece. I haven't been doing anything new. That should change.

Aug: Struggling with The Federalist Papers. Can't wait to read something that won't break my brain. Writing has been missed, and starts (hopefully) in September.

Jul: Actually got through George Will's book! Other than that, the usual.

Jun: Due to being on the road, not much mental stuff. Even reading was down as was DVD progress.

May: Tuesday writing group is on hiatus, but just researching going vegan is a chore and a half, especially reading freakin' labels at the grocery store.

Apr: Much like March, but set up my new printer! Did all my writing assignments for the month.

Mar: A good month. Sax is going well. Lots of good DVD stuff and the usual reading.

Feb: A surprisingly good month. Despite being a host for two weeks, kept up with my reading and even did some of the DVD's. Ventured into the world of stir-fry cooking!

Jan: Reading is (as always) good. With all the books I got for Christmas, I have a big backlog! Doing educational DVD's regularly. Learning sax is good brain exercise (lessons to start soon.)