RESOLVED: Be organized.  Keep my finances in order.  Keep house.  Maintain the car.  Always keep my house within an hour from being ready for company!  A place for everything and everything in its place! This includes my computer.

RESOLVED: Honor commitments. Pay bills and other financial commitments on time.  Show up on time and prepared as promised.  Perform work I've promised.  Keep up with family and participate in family events.  Update this website at least monthly! Don't avoid new commitments. Review the main commitment page BEFORE updating the "So How'm I Doin' sections!

Last update: January 1, 2020

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Be Organized

Final Assessment: I set the wheels in motion to make up for some undone projects dealing with my advancing years - my estate, what to do about fires and such, the things one never thinks about until later in life. But overall this was a much better year in this regard than usual.


Dec: Wellllll, this wasn't a strong ending. A couple of things that needed to be on my calendar weren't and I nearly had a very unexpected visitor. Fortunately he called to confirm his visit just in time. Also, I got behind on my car maintenance. Finances are still okay. Too much clutter in the house, but that's a Christmas thing for the most part. 

Nov: Actually pretty good. My calendar is up to date, my bills are paid, nothing fell through the cracks in spite of myself. Other than a small backlog in filing, I'm good. Just had company and the house was good.

Oct: Got through a 2-day power outage, realizing when all was over that I need to be better prepared. Overall the house is in good shape.

Sep: Things were pretty good. I'm actually helping someone else get organized! My to-do lists , though less formal than before, are working well. 

Aug: My calendar is up to date. Things got a bit out of control mid-month and I have some household problem spots, but hey, I ain't perfect!

Jul: I felt I was out of control, but toward the end of July my calendar was updated and my to do lists got better. I need to find a good haul-away service. This is weird: I lost track of which batteries were good and bad and bought a new wall clock I didn't need! Fortunately I like the new one more than the old. Needs improvement!

Jun: Was on the road most of the month, came back to a reasonably organized house. Adequate.

May: Things seem okay. Calendar is up to date and bills are paid. Sold my excess bass guitar, need a home for my old banjo. Again, overall things are good.

Apr: Felt things getting out of control, but things are okay. I have two excess instruments I need to get rid of; one will be easy, the other I'm having problems with. Overall, things are good.

Mar: Got taxes done in March, a first! Made space in my garage by getting rid of my lawnmower and going to the recycling center. I'm a bit behind on filing due to taxes. My calendar is up to date. Yay!

Feb: This went surprisingly well. Things were in order before Chip and Alice arrived, and there were no real mishaps during their stay! I need to go to the recycling center to get rid of some garage accumulation.

Jan: Coming along well. A bit behind on computer organization because of email issues with Yahoo. I started the year in good shape overall and I'm still there! Come visit!

Final Assessment: Considering it was me, I did well. Not perfect, having backed out of a couple of things I shouldn't have, but at least gave noticed. I didn't drop too many balls and overall I'd say 2019 went better than I'd normally expect.


Dec: Like November, somehow I managed, despite a couple of calendar mishaps. Only a serious cold kept me from family Christmas dinner. I've been working into my new Pastoral Associates role, which will be a challenge.

Nov: Somehow I managed. Now I've volunteered to lead Pastoral Associates for six months. Another fine mess. Made it to Arcata to visit family for Thanksgiving. I have to confess I keep forgetting to read the main resolutions page until I get to this page which reminds me I failed.

Oct: Everything went well. Need to get my calendar up to date. Volunteered for another pastoral associate assignment at church.

Sep: I backed out of a bike ride. It didn't hurt anyone but it was a commitment. I made up for it by filling in twice in the Joyful Noise church band!

Aug: Finished my 3-month commitment to veganism. Was a bit remiss in Pastoral Associate work but no serious misfires. Showed up 1/2 hour EARLY for an appointment and had to walk around for half an hour! Could easily been 1/2 hour late. 

Jul: Still true vegan, a full two months. The last sentence above is a constant stumbling block because this is the second page I update! I let my calendar get behind but somehow managed to (hopefully) not to miss anything.

Jun: Stayed utterly true to the vegan experiment, even on my 20-day road trip! Saw all people I'd committed to see on said road trip. Totally spaced on meeting friends at the Kensington Symphony.

May: Have the singer hook-up back on track. My personal commitment to try veganism is okay so far, but only two days ago finished the last of my meat and dairy, so that's when it started in earnest!

Apr: A reasonable month. Committed to (I assume) my next church responsibility, Pastoral Associate. I have dragged my feet hooking up with a singer who wants to partner up.

Mar: Totally spaced on my Wednesday lunch group. Dang. Other than that, all is good. Taxes done!

Feb: The second installment of the family visit was a little over two weeks. Playing post-surgery host was hard but I wouldn't have it any other way. No commitments missed.

Jan: Good so far. Hard NOT to keep up with family since Chip and Alice were down here for a week and a half! Commitments were all kept.