RESOLVED: Be healthy.  Keep my weight reasonable.  I finished 2018 at a horrible 216, 15 pounds more than when I started. 15 was close to what I wanted to lose! 185 would be nice, but staying under 200 is important. Do routine doctor, dentist, eye exams and do specialist things. Adequate diet (fruits & veggies, no excessive junk food) and exercise (5 days a week either walking or golf or reasonable substitute). Take my meds. Be nice to my back (a success in 2018.) Keep reasonable hours (generally in bed before 1:00.)

RESOLVED: Be musical.  Play music (not including performances) an average of 1/2 hour a day when at home or have access.  Listen to music (at least 1 club or concert per month!) Perform. Play stuff other than guitar. Find new musical outlet.

Last update: January 2, 2020

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Final Assessment: Hey, not bad. Got under 200 and stayed there. From a health standpoint, being vegan has been working out. I lost a tooth, but the implant is in the works. My prostate seems to be stable and none of my other "ologists" are finding anything to complain about. I need to be more regular about exercise in 2020, but my hours are getting better. My back has been behaving itself. Overall, 2019 has been a good year for health.

Dec: Weight 198. My year-end cold made me excuse myself from a Turkey Christmas family dinner (not a good thing overall) and suppressed my appetite. My dental implant checkup indicates all-systems go for a January 20 implant date. Exercise fell off significantly with a bunch of cold and rain. 

Nov: Weight 196. I let Thanksgiving disrupt my Vegan diet, but overall it was a good month for diet. I let cold weather disrupt walking. I'm up to date on my medical appointments. Bedtime has been okay, but not great.

Oct: Weight at 198 but honest, it had been 196 the prior two days! Not as consistent walking as I should be. No complications on my dental implant. Diet still vegan and good. Keeping more reasonable hours and good on meds.

Sep: Stayed at 197. Diet still good, exercise fell off a bit but not horrific. As for my tooth, a root canal would have been a blessing. The tooth is gone and I'll get an implant in about five months. More involved than a root canal, and far more expensive. My insurance doesn't seem to like the procedure. I'm keeping better hours.

Aug: 197, YAY!!! Lab results were great: no problem with vegan diet after 2 months, and PSA held constant. Procrastinated on a follow-up dental appointment, but had it - probably a root canal in my future. Hours still getting better. Walks should be more regular.

Jul: 202, slight progress. My dental appointment was okay, as was my doctor appointment, though the lab results are not in yet. This is important because it will reflect 2 months of fully vegan ways. It also will have my annual PSA count. Exercise got a bit irregular but is back. Meds are being taken and my hours are getting more reasonable.

Jun: 203! First full vegan month and a long (3 week) road trip. Exercise was horrible, the rest okay, even (strangely enough) hours. Eyes virtually unchanged, doctor and dentist are upcoming. Stayed vegan even on the road!

May: 211 Progress! (sorta) Again, a pretty good job of walking. My diet has changed radically, hopefully for the better, though time will tell. True vegan has really just started. Good with meds and B12. Keeping better hours but not perfect. Routine appointments set for dentist and doctor and eyes. 

Apr: May 1 my scale said 212, like the last three months didn't happen. Did a pretty good job of walking and even played a round of golf for the first time this year. Diet was reasonable. My back sailed through playing golf. I need to schedule an eye exam. Pretty good month.

Mar: 215?? Diet wasn't bad but serving sizes crept up. Not enough walking, but the weather is getting better as is my schedule. Too many late nights. My back is doing well. No medical appointments to miss. Too many late nights.

Feb: 210! Diet was pretty good, having guests for two weeks helped. Made my dental appointment which went well. Exercise was off due to the bad weather. Hours were pretty good, again due to the visit. I had an awful cold during the visit (caught from my bro'!) but it came and went.

Jan: Hey, 212, a good start. My usual diet of satisfactory fruits and veggies, and perhaps not quite as much between meal junk, but those darned Girl Scouts are at it again and my house is infested with cookies. Exercise was pretty good. Also getting to bed before 1:00 more often. No appointments to keep. Exercise only so-so due to family visit and rain.

Final Assessment: I never found a new musical venture, but I oddly didn't feel bad about it. I'm not missing performing at all. I fully expect to take up sax and guitar in 2020 again. Maybe even clawhammer banjo! Overall, 2019 was a good musical year.

Dec: Christmas disrupts everything. But the church Holiday show was a great display of musical talent and also provided me the chance to perform. Sadly, once over (about mid-month) I became a slug, practicing nothing really. Jammed with an old friend and his friends and the usual church band.

Nov: Guitar has definitely taken a back seat to sax, a little more on each would be in order. Still, sax is coming along to the point where I'll be able to join the band I want to get into. Two concerts: local artist Edie O'Hara and late in the month Tuck and Patti. Both excellent. Listening to a Mozart CD set.

Oct: I'm back playing sax with no problems arising from the tooth, though I need to be more frequent with it. Same with guitar. Played flute and sang (Goin' Up the Country) at a friend's birthday party. Need to part company with two guitars and replace my keyboard with a lower-end model. Attended the annual Starfish Recording Studio concert.

Sep: My dental procedure mandated no sax playing for three weeks! Oddly, I didn't fill the gap with more guitar. No work in finding a new musical outlet. I got to one performance, a wonderful C&W band "King George", a George Jones tribute band, at the Ivy Room. SO glad I went.

Aug: Need to pick up sax a bit more and guitar a lot more! Need to have at least 5 songs for "sing-along" venues. Saw two shows, my old band Void (their new guitarist is working out VERY well) and saw a wonderful trio at a private party. Not really looking for a new musical outlet. Performed as guitarist for a vocal trio at church. 

Jul: Like walking, getting into a regular sax routine after my road trip took time, but I'm back. Saw the Blues Daddies again at a private show. I had a very successful performance at church with two others. Need to get back to practicing guitar to keep my short set (3-5 songs) ready.

Jun: Saw my old band in Colorado! Only played sax a couple of times on the road but did a fair amount of guitar.

May: Took in 3 performances, all featuring friends! Geoff Ullerich, church pianist (and sax player) put on a show, The Unreal Band and The Blues Daddies. Sax went well, and I'm preparing for a performance at church (July 28) with a couple of the other musicians there.

Apr: Another good month, especially with sax. I'm holding back on the Musician's Action Group until I feel more confident. Also keeping up with guitar and after waiting four months past the initial due date, received my new Rickenbacker bass! Saw my old band Void Where Prohibited. Performed a song at church on short (2 week) notice. I needed more time!

Mar: Back with a good month, especially the second half. Began sax lessons and practice has been good. Also keeping up on guitar songs. Was asked to perform a song at church in two weeks. Jammed with a friend and saw 2 concerts at the Circus Pub (The John Tinloy Birthday Party and Bangers and Grass.)

Feb: This was a horrible month musically, mostly due to the visit. I did get to one show (Lonesome Eddie and the Saddlesores, no lie) at the Circus Pub. While I had houseguests I played very little guitar and nothing else. No progress on next musical outlet.

Jan: A good month. I attended a rehearsal of the Musician's Action Group which I hope to join as a saxophonist (likely alto). I'm counting that as my month's concert, since I didn't play. Practiced sax quite a bit, also guitar, probably closer to an hour a day (combined) on most days.