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Socialize and Community Resolutions

Last update: January 2, 2020

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RESOLVED: Socialize.  Via both direct contact and computer (email, Facebook, etc.)  Expand friendship circles.  Be appropriate and positive in personal interactions (always an uphill struggle!)  Smile.

RESOLVED: Be involved with the community.  Seek and participate in community affairs.  Attend and participate in church.  Be socially responsible and involved.


Community Involvement

Final Assessment: Not as good as I might have been. I could have done better, but could have been worse. So-so.

Dec: I didn't do much, but some of it was due to a lingering cold. Missed both options for New Years Eve parties. Nothing special either way.

Nov: More of the same. I had a lapse in positivity and need to do better. No new friendship circles.

Oct: Much like September. The writing group met a couple of times away from writing night - good fun. Attended friend's birthday party. Hard to be positive through a threatened outage then a real one!

Sep: Kind of a slug in September. Kept up with the lunch group, but my rebound was somewhat short-lived. The last two weeks or so were better. Meeting more church folks as a "Pastoral Associate."

Aug: Attended a Void concert primarily to keep friendships going (though the band was good too!) and attended a large party. Kept up with the Wednesday lunch group. Had a rough couple of weeks which saw me less than positive about things, but rebounded at month's end.

Jul: Again, reasonably good. My church duet became a trio and I was regular with my Wednesday lunch group. Had dinner with neighbors and also with my writing group! I think I was positive. Nothing new.

Jun: Reconnected with lots of old friends during my travels. It all went well.

May: Supported my friends' music. Managed to get out of the house quite a bit. A good month overall. 

Apr: Okay, but nothing special.

Mar: Socializing was pretty good. Got together with a friend to play guitars and did social media stuff. Nothing too special.

Feb: Playing host for two weeks cut back on my socializing. Not a disaster, but nothing new. Kept up with social media and all.

Jan: No expansion of friend circles. I haven't thought much of this resolution which probably means I need to work on it more.

Final Assessment: I'm not perfect, but It's been okay in this regard. I still pick up trash and have upped my church activity. I'm calling it a good year.


Dec: Pretty good with church and all. The mechanics of leading the PAs were a bit ragged, but I'm trying! 

Nov: About the same except that I volunteered to lead the Pastoral Associates. I hope they survive me.

Oct: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Sep: Filled in twice for the church band in addition to taking my regular turns. Started new Pastoral Associate assignment. Still, I need to do more.

Aug: Helped move the contents of a friend's residence, am storing some of it. Still pick up trash. Attended two Neighborhood Night Out. Had a gas shut-off valve installed (yes, that's community involvement!) Uneven, but pretty good.

Jul: Again nothing new.

Jun: Nothing special since I was away from my community most of the month!

May: Accepted as pastoral associate. Went to first meeting.

Apr: Took on new role at church (pending acceptance.) 

Mar: Trash pickup restarted! Nothing special done.

Feb: Received a mailing on the Kensington Police project, so I'm current. Funny, with three people living in my house for half the month, I had no place to put trash from a neighborhood pickup, so I didn't do it those weeks. Easy to restart.

Jan: I was wondering where the Kensington Police project was today. I should stay involved. Still picking up trash!