No more resolutions. At least on this website. I'll just write a couple of paragraphs every week or so to talk about what's been going on. Sorta like a blog I suppose. Not too structured. I'm always open to feedback, though I reserve the

Shin's Journal

right to ignore it as I see fit. After all, it's my journal, my website. Since it replaces my resolutions section which was dreadfully boring, I thought I'd still post my values, as amended for 2020. Perhaps they relate.





Last update: Feb 11, 2020






5/30/20 - Quite a week. I went to the dentist to do the last step in my implant saga before the crown goes in. It was a short visit with no need for pain meds later. I played golf on Memorial Day. I had the good sense to not keep score. Rules for pandemic golf are a little easier. No sand traps (so you don't have to touch rakes) and the pin is rigged so the ball never goes into the cup - if your ball touches a small doughnut-shaped ring that surrounds it, you're in! And only one person per cart (unless you're family.) I'm glad I did both.

5/21/20 - Wow, I expected to be entering something about once a week. And I just finished a huge update, so I've got nothing else to say, except that my weight is at about 195 of late. That's good. Wishing everyone the best in these strange times.

3/19/20 - Alas, the Benbow experience was great but short. I'm sheltering in place, socially distant, and busy as I can be working with the church and keeping up with friends during this insane period. Not the fun I was looking for, but it's all for the good of the order. Stay well, y'all!

3/4/20 - Wow, this section hasn't had many additions. I've given up my vegan thing, though I'll be much more vegan than when I started. See my main page. Also, I turned 69 yesterday and drove about four hours north to the Benbow Inn for R&R. I love this place for doing lots of nothing! Today was perfect weather for it.

2/11/20 - Okay, I'm reeeealy drained and there will be no update this month. Lost a good friend to cancer, and attended a memorial service for another. I haven't slept well of late. At least my cold is over. Tomorrow I start preparing for my tooth implant on Friday. Banjo is going well, but I really need to get back to sax - haven't really touched it this decade. Writing is also a plus.

1/23/20 - Went to the doctor yesterday. Not bronchitis, just a persistent cold that's been going around. Starting to feel better. Doctor recommended tea and honey. I've allowed honey in my died since going vegan, which is still a thing.

1/19/20 - This decade is off to a slow start. I've either had a very long cold or two back-to-back colds. I suspect something that happened to me many years ago, when a cold seemingly morphed into a case of bronchitis. Since this started nearly a month ago, I should see a doctor. At least I'm getting good practice covering my mouth the new "correct" way, but it's hard getting into a good routine.

Clawhammer banjo is coming along pretty well. Sax has taken a back seat. And what of guitar?

1/8/2020 - I've been mostly getting back into routine - getting a good balance of exercise, music, reading etc. into my life. December always disrupts that, but it's coming along.


Started clawhammer banjo lessons today. It's a very different right hand technique than I'm used to. My teacher knows what she's doing, however, and I think I'll get where I want to go.

Church work has taken a fair amount of time. I'm heading up a group which involves coordination skills that are difficult for me. Pretty satisfying, though.