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Shin the Homeowner (Prior)

Yeah, I own a house in the San Francisco Bay area.  I just missed the anniversary of the date I purchased it, Nov. 1, 1981, and I hope it isn't too upset with me.  Perhaps having a section of my website dedicated to this fine bit of paradise will make it feel better. Probably not as much as if I cleaned it up real nice, but it's a start.  


This section has grown to include the house, the yard, the garage, the car and environs.

Last Update: January 5, 2024

The John Shinnick Web Site

I already knew what would go there – Christmas decorations would fill at least one which will free up some space in my bedroom closet. And hey, I counted them up, and I have eleven pairs of shoes, of which I commonly use only three. That’s a drawer in itself if I don’t simply get rid of some of them which I should anyway. Depending on what winds up in these drawers, I expect to get rid of at least one three-drawer plastic cabinet, easily bigger than both the uke and it’s case.

Thinking it through, the uke is turning out to be a catalyst for my next round of purging. I’ve done pretty well over recent years in keeping my accumulation to a minimum. In addition to some surplus clothes, I have some music gear I might do well to part company with – a tenor sax, a banjo, a mandolin, none of which have been touched since pre-pandemic days. They could all go. Some planters in the garage that I used before the drought made me feel guilty about watering anything, several LPs and single records for which I have no record player, CDs I don’t listen to and DVDs I don’t watch, musical gadgets I don’t use… 


The under-bed storage drawers arrived yesterday, quickly assembled them, and sure enough, one accommodated most of my Christmas stuff handily. Hardly ever used clothes filled the other. Space is already opening up. Though I could still stand to part company with a few things, I have now have room for my new ukulele, case and even the stand. Soon I’ll have more.

Not long ago I had to remove everything from my attic. Used for storage, it had one of those pull-down staircases and climbing up and down with an armload of stuff was getting downright dangerous. There wasn’t room for all these things downstairs, so I set about the task of getting rid of things that I really didn’t need anymore. As luck would have it, the annual “Kensington Cleanup” was just around the corner. This event lets people in our town to put about three cubic feet of junk on the curbside and it gets picked up, either by local scavengers or the garbage company.


Still, the net effect was to clutter my house just a bit more, and even once I found a home for everything, I was on the brink of excess. Several years ago, I adopted the mantra “A place for everything, and everything in its place” as the way to keep my house in order, but now I had to add a new adage. “If something comes in, something goes out.”


Well, if you look at my music page, something recently came in, a ukulele. Although a uke (even a tenor uke like mine, relatively large as ukuleles go) is fairly small in the pantheon of musical instruments (a sousaphone would have been a problem!) It still takes up more space than I have remaining in my instrument closet. Of course, I’m playing it a lot right now, so it’s out of its case which doubles the space it consumes. Oh well, time to get rid of more stuff.


The salvation is under my bed. I’d always thought this space as unusable. It’s dusty, hard to get to, only seven inches tall, and how would I organize stuff under there? For some reason, the wasted space under my bed became a sore spot. 5½ feet wide and 6½ feet long if I don’t count the headboard which also has space underneath. Over the Christmas holidays, Inspiration struck. I toyed with the idea of getting a new bed frame, one with built-in drawers, but none were compatible with my headboard. To get one with its own headboard of the type I already have would cost more than I care to spend on this project.


For such problems, Wayfair has become my go-to store. If they have a problem, it’s that they give me too many choices and their search engine isn’t as good as it needs to be to narrow down my options to a reasonable number. But this time, “under bed storage” found me almost exactly what I wanted at a pretty good price. Two storage bins, each just the right height to fit under the frame and just the right width to allow two under the room side of the bed, and just the right depth to not quite reach the center, so I can get another two if the first two work out.

Who'd have guessed the amount of storage space under there? By the way, the bed skirt is new, at the suggestion of niece Linda.

So What Goes Out?

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