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Shin the Homeowner (Prior)

Yeah, I own a house in the San Francisco Bay area.  I just missed the anniversary of the date I purchased it, Nov. 1, 1981, and I hope it isn't too upset with me.  Perhaps having a section of my website dedicated to this fine bit of paradise will make it feel better. Probably not as much as if I cleaned it up real nice, but it's a start.  


This section has grown to include the house, the yard, the garage, the car and environs.

assumed he’d run it off the circuit that also runs the ceiling lights in the living room. I tested it so I could add it to the labeling at the circuit panel. But when I tested it, I was wrong. After then going through every circuit on my circuit breaker panel (making me reset several of my digital clocks in the process) and finding that

this new circuit was still live, I had to wonder what was going on. After concluding that the outlet must store some residual power, it dawned on me. Sandro had run a separate circuit directly from the main breaker, bypassing the laundry room panel entirely. In the end, this may work well, since there will be nothing competing with the outlet, and I should be able to run both my heater and the amplifier at the same time.


This choice also meant the outlet itself had to be moved about three feet from the optimal location, no big deal. Actually, it may be a good thing that the outlet had to be moved. The original plan would have put it right underneath the top of the rail where the birds poop. Just one more thing to protect or clean. Now I don’t have to. Talk about dumb luck! 


No extension cord needed, no more snaking the cord through the door to use the inside of the house. So it all seems to have worked out just fine. I’ll know as soon as it warms up a bit. Come to think of it, maybe I can report on how it all works out in the music section.

Bird Poop

I thought they’d left. They’re back. Or maybe it’s the same one every time and he returned to the same spot as last year to his roosting spot at the top of the handrail leading up to my porch. I’ve never seen him, perhaps because he’s too quick or because he only comes in the middle of the night. But I know his tell-tale sign, bird poop.


He was here early this year. After cleaning up the end of the rail and the two steps below it, I took an old sock (I keep several for dusting and other cleaning needs) and placed it on the end where the bird poop collected. I took an old towel and draped it over the edge of the stairs that had been befouled. Or befowled if you prefer. I changed these out a couple of times, but eventually the droppings stopped. Through the summer, there were no tell-tale signs of my avian friend.


But then, a couple of weeks ago, with the advent of a drop in temperature, the droppings reappeared. Cleaning up is actually a fairly easy process. I take a sponge that’s ready for retirement and use that. I tend to keep sponges in use longer than I should anyway. I then did what I’d done the last time with an old sock, but hoped the towel wouldn’t be necessary.  As it turned out, it was. So I cleaned the edges of the stairs where the poop was still accumulating, and out came a towel.


It looks horrible, especially after a rain. And if I got sloppy and let it extend too far into where people walk, it would become a tripping hazard. Or so a court might find. So I’ve given the towel an extra fold. It’s already rained since I put it down, so it looks especially bad, but apparently the roost at the top of the rail is popular rain or shine.


I wonder what the electrician thought? Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you – remember the project I had in mind to add an outlet to my porch? It got derailed when the first estimate I got revealed that I had a faulty main circuit breaker that had to be replaced? Well, It finally got un-derailed and was installed. Scheduling mutually acceptable times with contractors is difficult in the best of times, and Thanksgiving and the time leading up to it aren’t the best of times. Fortunately, he also had a job to do for my next-door neighbor (who had recommended him to me) so he made time to do them on the same day, a day I happened to be around.


Of course, its main purpose is to provide a convenient place to plug in my amp for my porch singing sessions, and now it’s too cold! From the way the electrician explained the project, I 

Last Update: December 4, 2022

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I replaced the towel and sock with a quick wiping down. The bird seemingly sat at the top of the rail. The new outlet can be seen below the rail.

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