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The Korg Issue

Hi Korg technical people! It dawned on me that the easiest place to put my video describing the problem I'm having with my Korg was right here. Don't worry, VERY few people visit, and if we get this fixed I'll sing your praises.

I used the BX3 Jazz sound here, but it's the same with BX3 Rock, Jimmy Organ, Percussion. Organ I and Dirty B among others. Let me know if this helps. Again, I'm on OS 1.3.0 (May, 2018) and now that my gigs in Colorado are behind me, I can upgrade that if you think it will help.

Korg Issue

Last update: July 16, 2021

The John Shinnick Web Site

If you aren't a Korg Techie, don't waste your time with the above video. It merely describes an issue I'm having with my otherwise most excellent Korg Pa700 keyboard. If you ARE a Korg Techie, I hope this helps. If you're getting no sound, click the eighth notes at the lower right.

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