~ Books ~

The Science of Happiness (Time Magazine)

The Age of Hirohito (D. Irokawa)

Golf in the Kingdom (M. Murphy)

Mass Incarceration On Trial (J. Simon)

Lanterns & Lances (J. Thurber)

Rutherford B. Hayes (H. L. Trefousse)

Becoming (M. Obama)

The Federalist Papers (A. Hamilton, J. Madison, J. Jay)

The Conservative Sensibility (G. Will)

Main Street Vegan (V. Moran)

The Vegan Starter Kit (N. Barnard, M.D.)

Paul McCartney (P. Norman)

Cronkite (D. Brinkley)

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Books, DVDs and Other Scholarly Pursuits

~ Books (cont.) ~

Wolfwalker (T. K. Harper)

Fear (R. Woodward)

A Year in Provence (P. Mayle)

Putting the Vice in Vice President (A. Naldrett)

The Passions of Artemisia (S. Vreeland)

~ DVDs ~

Law School for Everyone -  Legislation and Regulation

Law School for Everyone - Constitutional Law

Law School for Everyone  - Intro

A History of Eastern Europe

Turning Points in American History

Great Presidents



~ Books ~

Heirs of the Founders (H. W. Brands)

The Red and the Blue (S. Kornacki)

Hubert Humphrey (A. Offner) 

The Continental Congress (Charles River Editors)

Kissinger (W. Isaacson) 

Just Ride (G. Peterson) 

Kensington Past and Present (L. Thal, M. H. Snyder,  Editors)

The Growth Delusion (D. Pilling)

Memoirs (D. Rockefeller)

~ Books (cont.) ~

The Quartet (J. J. Ellis)

Strangers In Their Own Land (A.R. Hochschild) 

The Age of Genius (A.C. Grayling)

Isaak Newton (J. Gleick)

Foreigner (C.J. Cherryh)

~ DVDs ~

America's Founding Fathers (A. Guelzo)

The History of Spain) (J. Salisbury)


~ Books ~

Leonardo Da Vinci (W. Isaacson) 

Life (K. Richards)

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F#ck (M. Manson)

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (N. D. Tyson)

Al Franken - Giant of the Senate (A. Franken)

American Nations (C. Woodard) 

Personality (National Geographic) 

Walkaway (C. Doctorow)

J. Edgar Hoover - The Man and the Secrets (C. Gentry)

Susan B. Anthony and the Struggle for Equal Rights. (C.               Ridarsky & M. M. Huth)

~ Books (cont.) ~

They Made a Monkee Out Of Me (D. Jones)

The Remains of the Day (K. Ishiguro)

Built in Detroit (B. Morris)

The Rise and Fall of Senator Joe McCarthy (J. C. Giblin) 

Let the Trumpet Sound (S. Oates)

Man Without a Face (M. Wolf)

Be Happy (P. Lindsay)

~ DVDs ~

The Ottoman Empire


This is a consolidation of what I've done in past years to keep my brain active. Prior to 2021, I merely archived all the prior years' pages, reviews and all. Partly to not run into my 100 page limit, but also because the number of pages made finding specific entries in the archives difficult to find. Now I'll just keep the detail for current and the preceding year only. Note that DVDs are generally sets from "The Great Courses"


~ Books ~

John Marshall - The Chief Justice Who Saved the Nation

     (H. G. Unger)

It Can't Happen Here" (S. Lewis)

Governance and Ministry (D. Hotchkiss)

A Godly Hero - the Life of William Jennings Bryan (M. Kazin)

Alexander Hamilton (R. Chernow)

Curious Currency (R. Leonard)

The Age of Turbulence (A. Greenspan)

Lost Car Companies of Detroit (A. Naldrett)

The American Vice Presidency (J. Witcover)

Getting Great Guitar Sounds (M. Ross)

John Adams (D. McCullough)

~ Books (cont.) ~

Founding Brothers (J. Ellis)

Stories from Spain (G. Barlow & W. Stivers)

1776 (D. McCullough)

The Housekeeper and the Professor (Y Ogawa)

An American Underwater Odyssy (C. Ballenger)

A People's History of the American Revolution (R. Raphael)

~ DVDs ~

The Late Middle Ages

The High Middle Ages

The Early Middle Ages

2015 (partial)

~ Books ~

Things that Matter. (C. Krauthammer)

Callahan's Cross-Time Saloon (S. Robinson)

Stories from Latin America (G. Barlow)

~ DVDs ~

The Nature of Matter

The Guilded Age

The Industrial Revolution