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John Lennon - The Life (P. Norman) I liked his McCartney bio, time for the earlier one. I need to get it done before he writes George and Ringo bios!

Fragrance (D. Boughton) Dave was one of those at PG&E who had the difficult task of supervising me. He has been a poet since I've had the pleasure of knowing him, and he's shared much of it with me, for which I am grateful. The poems are accompanied by some wonderful photography.



Nothing new. I like Fragrance in small doses because poetry is just like that. The Lennon bio is just long!


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (J. K. Rowling) Yeah, that's right, I'm an unabashed Harry Potter fan and decided to go to the source. Coming to the end of 2020, I needed this. I was told the writing was outstanding, and it is. I'm a kid again.

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How to Sing (D. Pierce) I've started it, but have decided to do an overview before doing it in earnest, which is a 24-week program. The overview is working well, doing a module perhaps every other day.

The Federalist Papers (J. L. Hoffmann) I'm doing two at once! As noted before, I've read the originals, but want perspective.

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