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Our Man (G. Packer) A biography of Richard Holbrooke, a U.S. State Department big-shot. It was recommended by my friend Drew who manages the Inn Kensington restaurant. 


The Left Hand of Darkness (U. Le Guin) Another gift from Wesley, this sci-fi novel is a total change of pace, crafted by a master of the genre. It won both the Hugo and Nebula awards, the 2 most prestigious in the genre. Sadly, my march was so weird I had to put it down and then start over. A GREAT read. Thanks Wesley!


March was such a difficult month I didn't get any reading done!


The Search for Ball Zero (T. Dormanesh) A sci-fi novel I received as a Christmas present from my grand-nephew Wesley. Totally weird, poorly edited, not particularly credible, but I was sucked in.


Married to a Bedouin (M. van Geldermalsen) She was in Jordan, fell in love, this is her story. Not a story so much as a book of essays, focusing mostly on the author's first few years adapting to Bedouin culture. I found it difficult to read because of the numerous Arabic phrases and names, but it was well worth the time and effort. Thanks Denise!

Shin the Scholar - 2023

Last update: May 7, 2023

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Odd to put it here, but after having a nice Mah Jong set that came down from my father's parents, I finally played a game with some neighbors. Good fun!


(Podcast) Ultra (R. Maddow) Rachel Maddow's 8 episode podcast chronicling an attempted coup involving Nazi Germany and several members of Congress back in the 1940s. Fascinating, and well-told. My first podcast and I binged it - one sitting!

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