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Rumpole and the Reign of Terror (J. Mortimer) On a whim, I bought this book at an estate sale. Rumpole is a ficticious barrister working in London's central criminal court. Mortimer died in 2009, leaving behind a wealth of works, including the PBS series "Rumpole of the Bailey" (which I never saw). This is good fun and I look forward to reading more of Mortimer's stuff!



Nickel and Dime (G. Soto) A novel about life on the streets of Oakland and vicinity. Soto writes about the lives of three people, two of whom fall into homelessness. Soto isn't preachy or political. Most excellent.


Murder Your Employer (R. Holmes) So I was looking for my next book and found myself at the Barnes and Noble website. I found a book by one Rupert Holmes, a NY Times Bestseller, a recommendation that has been a surprisingly good predictor for me. The book is a novel about a school which teaches how to murder those who deserve it. Obviously a humorous book, I LOVED it and will look for the others by Holmes. And if the author's name sounds familiar, yes, it's THAT Rupert Holmes.


American Colossus - (W. Brands) Yeah, the same author as below. I bought the two books at the same time. This is the story of the conflict between democracy and capitalism between the Civil War and about 1900. Almost finished.

February - March

The Money Men - (W. Brands) A short book about the yin and yang of capitalism vs. democracy in the U.S., from our founding (Hamilton vs. Jefferson) through the early 20th century (T. Roosevelt vs. J. P. Morgan) and in an epilog, into the age of Alan Greenspan and the Fed. This type of history should be part of high school curricula.

Fear - (B. Woodward) The story of the 2016 Trump campaign and subsequent days in the White House. Scary stuff, but well written. I thought the reason it sounded so familiar was that I'd lived through the Trump presidency. No, I'd already read the book, back in 2019! So I stopped.


Wild Thing - (P. Norman) Another Philip Norman rock and roll biography, this one on my favorite guitarist ever, Jimi Hendrix. A Christmas present from Brian. Thanks!

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I'm currently working on my End of Life documents. That's a REAL education!

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