Yeah, I own a house in the San Francisco Bay area.  I just missed the anniversary of the date I purchased it, Nov. 1, 1981, and I hope it isn't too upset with me.  Perhaps having a section of my website dedicated to this fine bit of paradise will make it feel better.  Probably not as much as if I cleaned it up real nice, but it's a start.  


I think this section will grow and include the house, the yard, the garage and environs. We'll see.

Shin the Homeowner

Last Update: September 4, 2016

Work will hopefully be completed on my garage by mid-September. You may remember that the cement floor was literally falling apart. When I'd sweep it, I would literally wind up with more cement than dirt. I'd originally hoped I could put a coating over it, but the coating folks said they needed a better foundation.

The problem I then had was that nobody wanted to do a job my size. Small contractors want to do a sidewalk slab or two, and large ones want to do the foundation for an industrial complex. Nobody wants to do anything in between.

Fortunately, my next door neighbor is an contractor who specializes in large seismic retrofitting, and deals with cement foundations all the time. By using my job as fill-in work, it's getting done. Slowly but surely! About two weeks ago we broke ground (okay, we broke cement) and I'm hoping it will be complete by the middle of September.

In the meantime, half the stuff I had in there is in the back yard or driveway, the rest is cluttering up my house. All that remains is to get the cement (about 3 cubic yards) up to the house and to pour it. 

On a project like this I expect cost overruns, and so it's been on this one. Still, it had to be done. I had the rest of the garage redone about two years after I moved in, which was 1981. So this makes a completely new structure!

Tom was talking in terms of cars, with Cadillac at the high end. I told him that despite coming from Detroit, I didn't see it that way. Give me something that will last perhaps another 25 years or so.

If I'm still around by then, I can sell the house, move into assisted living and be done with it!

A work in progress - September 4 (night) the garage awaits the pouring of the concrete.