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The John Shinnick 58 California Counties 58 County Pledge

Counties 13-18

13) LAKE

It was October 25, 2010.  My brother Chip was in town, and he wanted to help me with the 58 County Pledge.  We went out to Clear Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake entirely in California.  Coming as I do from Michigan, it didn't seem all that big until I found out that its Michigan counterpart, Houghton Lake is only 20,000 acres whereas Clear Lake is 43,000 acres!  This is the view from the western border of the county.  Very impressive indeed!

16) YUBA

At the westernmost tip of Yuba County (which strangely enough does not contain Yuba City) is the town of Marysville. In 1854, the original temple was built to serve the Chinese community in that town, most of whom where brought there to work the gold mines. It burned down, but was replaced in 1880 and is an active (though infrequently used) place of worship to this day. It's also a California State Landmark.

The grounds are small but pleasant. The inside can be accessed only by appointment, and I didn't have one. Sometimes spontaneity leaves a bit to be desired. But they do have a web site (12-14-17)


December 15, 2011, After visiting Mike Kelly's place (see #17, Sierra County) Gary, Eva and I returned to Grass Valley in Nevada County. I found myself relaxing on their couch. Someone else also found me relaxing on the couch and decided to join me. Nice Kitty! I've since returned a few times, but it's never easy. I've learned to trust my GPS but only to a point. When it tells me to drive up a 45 degree footpath, I draw the line.


Such a sad story. describes the booming metropolis of Sites as having a population listed as 17 - 20, depending on whether three people in the suburbs are counted. The town used to be bigger, but in 1965 a PG&E lineman was up on a nearby pole and dropped a burning fuse. Winds came up and, well, not much was left.

This sign seems to be all that's left of the old town square and is the only reference I saw that there's a town there at all. There was no sign announcing it when I got here. It's unincorporated. How could I resist this place? (12-14-17)


These mountains are Sutter Buttes. Not a part of Sutter Buttes, but pretty much the whole thing. The whole thing is about ten miles in any direction you might choose. They're in the process of becoming a state park, but it's not open to the public yet. This view is from about three miles west of the town of Sutter.


Wikipedia cites an article on the SF Chronicle calling it "the world's smallest mountain range." It's high point is South Butte at 2,122 feet, making it the highest point in Sutter county. For all you geologists out there, these are actually lava domes formed about 1.6 million years ago. (12-14-17)   


December 15, 2011, I was visiting my good friend Gary Parks who now was living in Grass Valley.  He and wife Eva took me on a rather scenic drive to the booming metropolis of Goodyear's Bar, California.  Talk about off the beaten path!  But the objective was well worth it.  We dropped in on one Mike Kelly, a fine woodworker and luthier.  These are some of his creations which he strongly encouraged Gary and I to try out.  What a treat!

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