RESOLVED: Show Brain Activity.  Write: rejoin the Tuesday writing group and contribute.  Revisit autobiographical brain dump (including philosophies).  Continue Spanish.  Read at least half an hour each day.  Try new things.

RESOLVED: Travel.  Work on the 58 County Pledge.  I have only 16 left, and should finish sometime in 2016.  Look at other travel opportunities.

Last update: January 1, 2017

The Brain Activity and  Travel Resolutions

Brain Activity


Final Assessment:  Okay. Very slow first half, but got out more in the second half. I need to finish the 58 County Pledge and then some in 2017. A new theme would be fun!

Dec No counties, but December was both busy and a bit rainy. I'll get back on track in 2017 and finish by mid-year. Did go to Arcata for Christmas and family. Not really travel, but it got me out of the house.

Nov A couple more counties. including my former home, Monterey County. Hog's Breath Inn was great!  Will not go to Colorado next year.  Don't know what will take its place. Vancouver? London? Dream big, Johnny!

Oct Did three more counties! Planned two more for when I have a day free. It's fun to get out of the house, even if for just a day. See my travel section. I think I'll spend my 66th birthday in Hawaii.


Sep  YAY! I got back into my 58 County Pledge with the two needed re-do counties. It was just a quick one-nighter, but it was good to "just do it." I won't finish this year, but taking this approach I should be down to maybe eight or so left by the year end.

Aug  Nothing new, but I've got a day this coming week for the revisit of the two lost counties. Then, golf in Glenn County?

Jul  Returned from Colorado. Nothing else. Dang. I thought I had a window to do some 58 County pledge stuff, but the budget (see other column!) got in the way. August for sure!


Jun Went to Colorado for the annual reunion. Not much adventure. Nothing else.


May Still no activity here. Really bad.

Apr  Like March only I didn't go to Brentwood. Oh, I forgot to include a trip to Napa for my birthday in March! It was a 4-day getaway and good fun. I should do something like that again before Colorado in late June.


Mar  Didn't go anywhere beyond Brentwood, about 25 miles east of home!


Jan - Feb  Not good.  Did plan a birthday getaway and figured out what to do about Glenn County in the 58 County Pledge. Will go to Colorado again, but have no other plans, having soured on Peru.


Final Assessment: Pretty good! Spanish and my autobiography both seem to be past tense, but I seem to be keeping mentally active in many other ways.


Dec Still reading.  I got back to the DVD courses by starting on an economics set - got interested while reading Alan Greenspan's book.  I look forward to the writing group and got my band to change practice days for it.

Nov Still reading. While visiting my brother, I took in some of a Teaching Company series on life in ancient civilizations which looks cool! Did a good job moving forward on my volunteer work.

Oct Still reading, no DVD, no big deal. In my committee work I'm having to research HR issues. I also started giving guitar lessons, causing me to rethink concepts! The band issue that caused rehearsals to move to Tuesday nights has been resolved so I will begin writing next session.

Sep Still reading. Haven't started the Economics DVD yet. Nothing really significant.

Aug Still reading. I went as far as I'm going to go on the Argumentation DVD and will move on to Economics. Found out that my band will conflict with writing, so I'll probably need to bow out of the class for now. (Replace with autobiography?!)


Jul  Still reading though temporarily stalled on Argumentation DVD - time management. Getting through Greenspan's book was a chore! Designed and built a mini pedal-board and case that's working out GREAT! Talk about trying new things, I just submitted a budget for the church's personnel committee!

Jun Still reading. Finished the Middle Ages DVD and started one on argumentation. Keyboard presets from last month went very well. Bought a "Looper" (musical device) and have the rudiments figured out. No writing class until September.


May  Still reading. Lagging a bit on the DVD set but it should be done in a week or so. Did the last of my 5 rewrites for my writing group and put 3 of them on this site for your perusal! I want to figure out how my recorder works as well as setting up presets on my new keyboard this month. 


Apr  Still reading. Finished the DVD set on the High Middle Ages and am doing the Late Middle Ages. Still writing in my group, though in the new ten-week session I'm concentrating on re-writing. Some of the results will get posted here.


Mar  Yup, still reading every morning. Finished the DVD set on the Early Middle Ages and am now doing the High Middle Ages. I should have mentioned writing in the last entry - I'm doing well there, although my autobiographical update hasn't surfaced as a priority.


Jan - Feb  Still reading a fair amount, finished four books (the last on March 2) and have started a new set of DVD's on the Middle Ages.  Still writing in my Tuesday evening group. Virtually no Spanish.  Didn't try anything really new.