The Commitments Resolution

Last update: January 9, 2017

RESOLVED: Honor commitments.  Pay bills and other financial commitments on time.  Show up on time and prepared as promised.  Perform work I've promised.  Keep up with family and participate in family events.  Update this website at least monthly!

Note: This commitment gets its own page because I had an odd number and this one came last.

Final Assessment This was good. This resolution does NOT speak to commitments to myself! But I don't think I let anyone else down by not honoring commitments!

Nov - Dec Holy crap!  I forgot to update this last month!  I don't recall missing any appointments or not honoring commitments.  I actually went to the parties I said I'd be at!

Oct Everything's up to date. YAY! Next commitment: VOTE! A couple of projects will be due in my committee work.

Sep Missed a dental appointment due to bad organization. Other than that, okay, but still need to head north.


Aug Again, no problems. I have several bills to pay in September, but I'm ready! I do need to visit the family up north - that's overdue!


Jul Still no problems. Got the church Personnel Budget in on time! Responded to some questions IMMEDIATELY! I've done well with my calendar for the most part. I probably should put more of my lesser events on it, but my grease board is where most of that goes. It seems to work!

Jun No major problems. Sadly committed to play with the Beatles band which later conflicted with a Void gig, but that's not a failure to meet commitments, it's just too much life and why I need to keep my calendar up to date, which it is! YAY!

May Again, things went well. My calendar is up to date and I've been on time. I did have to miss my volunteer day with the library. Dang. But there have been no big problems.

Apr Things went well despite my commitments getting more numerous. I've been keeping and using my calendar effectively. I'm a bit late with this update, but not embarrassingly so. The current structure seems make the update easier.


Mar As mentioned in my organization heading, I missed my tax prepayments, but that was actually January. I think I've been good other than that.


Jan - Feb  Obviously I failed in updating the website at the end of January.  Dang!  I've done well with the rest, perhaps overcommiting in music.  Delivered the Christmas present to the Arcata family in good time.  My bills are up to date.  Didn't miss anything that I know of.