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The John Shinnick 5 Year, 50 State (and D.C.) Pledge!

Recreated Feb. 20, 2021



I thought Nebraska would be a challenge.  A little internet research, however turned up Scotts Bluff and nearby (35 minutes by car, a day and a half by covered wagon) Chimney Rock.  Both were important points along the Oregon Trail.  Chimney Rock was so distinctive, it was used to mark the trail as the 1/3 point.  Kind of the eastern end of the mountains.  Things only got harder from there!  Today, it serves as the picture on the Nebraska state quarter.  I THOUGHT it looked familiar! (6-8-08)



On my way to Durango I made a stop in Las Vegas. There I saw a production of "Spamalot" the theatrical version of "Monty Python's Holy Grail". Written by Eric Idle, (who won a Tony for the effort) this was well wort the time. No photos were allowed, but in a booth outside was "Shopalot", where you could buy shamelessly overpriced memorabilia. I got this, which is photographed against the backdrop of "The Fremont Street Experience" in downtown Las Vegas. (8-10-07)


New Hampshire

Generally, rain does not help a vacation.  It was June 12, 2011 and it had rained a TON in New Hampshire, so much so that my drive to the summit of Mt. Washingtion was cancelled due to loose gravel!  But another planned stop was about ten miles south, Glen Ellis Falls.  The water was really gushing making it all very scenic. (6-12-11)


New Jersey

As a kid, I loved Monopoly.  I still do.  Of course, there was always the threat of having to "Take a Walk on the Boardwalk".  When I got older, I learned that the Boardwalk (like the other places in the game) was in New Jersey's Atlantic City.  And it didn't cost me $2,000.  It cost me $15 because I snuck into Trump Plaza and played a slot machine.  I found New Jersey slots work just like the Nevada ones!  (6-5-11)

[Note: Yeah, I also saw the Trump Casino. No big deal. (2-20-21)]


New Mexico

I just HAD to do this.  I replaced my pic of the Governor's Palace with this - it's the entry into one of the greatest places I've ever been, Carlsbad Caverns.  In the very southeast corner of New Mexico, it's way out of the way, but SO worthwhile.  GO!  Just GO!!!  Photography is really hard.  And no, I didn't see the bats fly out (they'd come out here) because they only do so in the summer.  By the way, did I say GO?  GO!!!  (1-27-09)


New York

I've been to New York City several times, but the place I really wanted to go was Cooperstown, where baseball was allegedly invented by Abner Doubleday before the Civil War.  That turns out to be more myth than reality, but they established the Baseball Hall of Fame here anyway.  It's surprisingly remote - I came in from the east and until half a mile, you don't know that there's anything up ahead.

I figured three to four hours would do it, but i was there more like seven.  Seeing my childhood hero enshrined next to Willie Mays was great, and there were LOTS of great exhibits, most of which could be photographed.  Just before entering on June 7, 2011, this group of kids was posing in front of the Hall.  I wasn't good enough to make it.  Maybe one of them is. (6-7-11)

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