RESOLVED: Be organized.  Keep up the "Jen List".  This is my monthly "to do" list that my friend Jennifer recommended I establish.  Also, keep my finances in order.  Keep house.  Maintain the car.  Always keep my house within an hour from being ready for company!  A place for everything and everything in its place! 

RESOLVED: Cut down on brainless computer games.  This has been a problem for years.  What a waste of my time. Some is fine but if I average over an hour a day, that's a problem.

Last update: January 1, 2017

The Computer Games and  Organization  Resolutions

Cut Down on Computer Games

Be Organized

Final Assessment  Pretty good! Procrastination is a much bigger problem than organization.

Dec My to-do lists haven't been monthly, but work well. Christmas came together well. My 2017 calendar is set and ready to go.

Nov Again, did well. I have to do some straightening of my front rooms, but my harder-to-keep back rooms are really good! The biggest problem is my computer.  I have to go through a ton of old emails and straighten up my desktop. It's all on my current to-do list! That's working out well.

Oct  Still pretty good. No missed appointments or late arrivals. Housekeeping is a bit behind but not horribly so. Need to focus on keeping up my computer organization. I'm taking on a lead role in my committee work!


Sep  Garage floor is done. I let the house get a bit cluttered, but only had one serious mishap - I missed a dentist appointment, but it was quickly rescheduled. The "To-Do" list format seems to be working. Bills are getting paid and I seem to have no big issues.

Aug  Work on my garage floor is nearing completion, which will make my housekeeping easier. My new to-do lists are working fine, I just meed more motivation to do what needs to be done! Still, no big problems. No news is good news!

Jul I somehow got away from "to-do" lists of any kind. Routine stuff is getting done (though THIS is late!) but not much special project work etc. The house is actually in reasonabe order considering I had to bring in stuff from the garage since the floor is being redone. YAY!

Jun I've pretty much replaced the Monthly Jen (to do) lists with twice-weekly lists which seem to be better, though coming back from Colorado has put me a bit behind. Still, not bad. Probably a haul-away in my near future.


May Keeping up well with projects: Got some shelving for storing my guitars which is SO much better than my old system. I added shelves to my garage and cleaned IT up! Good boy!

Apr  The Jen List had a couple of problems. First, it doesn't account for daily stuff: music practice, exercise and the like. Also, it doesn't help for projects that come up mid month. I have replaced it with a to-do list that is regenerated as often as needed. It's working well. The house was in real good shape for a few days! It's still pretty good.


Mar I had a problem that really belonged to January. Somehow I missed my January tax prepayments. I found out only as I prepared my taxes. Hopefully there will be no repercussions. A Jen List was created, but not used. I did finish my taxes on time, barely.  The house is a mess! YIKES!


Jan - Feb  January was good, and I got my house in good order.  February was not good, with no Jen list made.  Still, I go into March with critical things accomplished, the house in pretty good order, and High Five permanently installed.

Final Assessment Dismal failure. 'Nuff said.

Dec Same

Nov Same

Oct  Same. I think what I need to do is be less concerned about this and more concerned with doing the things that need doing.

Sep  Same.

Aug  Same.


Jul Still no change. Truly an addiction. Not measuring anymore.

Jun Not much change. Dang. All the measuring did was add the time spent measuring!

May Some good days, some not so good, but getting better. And right now I'm updating my site instead!


Apr  I think measurement helped. I think I'm down a bit, though I'm still spending too much time on the puzzles. IT CAN BE DONE!


Mar Measurement has started. Hopefully tracking will shame me into cutting down! We'll see...


Jan - Feb  There's been a little tapering I think.  It's still way too much.  The obsessive - compulsive side of me wants to measure it.  I just want it cut back a bunch.