RESOLVED: Be healthy.  Keep my weight reasonable.  Right now I'm at 207 (Aug. 31) which is too much.  195 is okay, 185 probably better.  Eat properly.  Do routine doctor, dentist, eye exams and do specialist things.  Adequate diet (fruits & veggies, no excessive junk food) and exercise (5 days a week either walking or golf or reasonable substitute).  Take my meds.

RESOLVED: Be musical.  Play music (not including performances) an average of 1/2 hour a day when at home or have access.  Listen to music (at least 1 club or concert per month.)

Last update: January 1, 2017

The  Health and  Music Resolutions



Final Assessment Pretty good! I lost weight overall, and almost made my stretch goal of 185.  Saw all my medical folk, rarely forgot my meds, ate reasonably healthy stuff, took lots of walks.  Could have done more stretching and seen a chiropractor for my back issues.

Dec  And the final for 2016 is 192. Although this is up from last month, it includes the end of the Christmas candy and other stuff. Back to business. I will do 185 in 2017!  Still need to see a chiropractor.

Nov Okay, Weight up to 190. 185 isn't likely to happen in 2016. The good news is that according to my audiologist, I don't need an audiologist! I took a fairly extensive test and I'm normal for a non rock and roller. My latest lab reports for my general physical prompted my almost-a-doctor to say "Looks good." Everything's up to date. Despite my back, I'm doing pretty good!

Oct Weight = 187!  And that with a weigh-in the day after Halloween! I've said that growing old is just the process of picking up more "ologists". Now I have an Audiologist. Had my annual physical - yup, sciatica it is. Hearing test in late November.  Everything else is okay.

Sep  Weight = 189!  I may yet make 185! My appointments are all up to date - just had my dental and all is well. Routine doctor is late October. I had a sore back due probably to bad golf, it's okay now. The sciatica thing hasn't gone away. I'm (strongly) considering a chiropractor.

Aug Weight = 193! Other than that, nothing's changed since July, and that's pretty much a good thing!

Jul  The last weigh-in for July was an anomaly, 198. It was just for that one day. As I write this, I'm down to 193. Still walking and beginning to play a bit more golf. The lower back problem (really hips down to my knees) is getting worse and I suspect a form of sciatica.  I'm good on all regular appointments.

Jun  The last weigh-in for June was the 26th due to my trip to Durango. 195! Huzzah! Everything else is about the same as last month.

May  So close! June 1 saw me tip the scales at 200. I was at 199 for a couple of days. Still doing well on diet and exercise. Had the follow-up on the dental and it was very good. Now if I could just get the pain in my right knee and lower back to go away...

Apr  April was better than March. My weight, as discussed in my lead article, started at 206 on May 1. I virtually cut out junk food and wine consumption is down a bit. Exercise was up, predominantly walking. I had the first of the two special dental treatments called "Scaling and Planing" which is a cleaning below the gum line. It wasn't bad. (I had the second half in early May.) I was a bit late scheduling my annual eye exam, but it was done in early May also. I'm calling April a success.


Mar  March was pretty bad. My weight the morning of April 1 was 212, not the direction I wanted, but probably what I deserved. Still doing good on fruits and veggies, but too much junk food. After several good trips to the dentist, the one I had in March led to two in April. I honestly don't know what's wrong with my gums. Far too little exercise in March, and to top everything off, I'm heading into April with a cold.


Jan - Feb  Saw my ologists (dermi and ur) on time and all is well. I've got a persistent pain in my lower back down to my knees - Arthritis? Sciatica? General aging? Gotta have it checked!  After a good January (down to 209) my weight at the end of February was 211.  Wrong direction.  Diet has been decent except for my annual submission to the Girl Scouts. Curse "Tagalongs!" Signed up for Medicare! Need more exercise!

Final Assessment Pretty good! I get out and play quite a bit. Guitar and singing pretty much defines me. Flute is down a bit, but not abandoned by any means, harmonica is fun and the sudden urge to get a sax should keep me occupied for awhile! Keyboards, however, took the count. Should have seen others perform more often. Practicing at home goes through good and bad phases.  Looking forward to 2017!

Dec One of my Christmas presents was a $15 gift certificate at an Arcata music store (Wildwood Music, most excellent.) I overspent it a little and walked out with a tenor saxophone. More, hopefully, to follow.  Unless I count the acts of the church's Christmas concert I didn't perform in, I didn't see any other musicians. Not practicing enough at home.  

Nov I did pretty good. I'll likely perform "Wake Me Up" at church. It's a song I wrote a while back. It's about me needing to go out and do stuff instead of just kicking back. If I pull it off it'll be epic! I've gotten back to doing occasional flute practice. Not any listening to other musicians. 

Oct  While the wedding gig went well, I was not particularly satisfied with the solo at church. The performance was okay, but I need better songs.  Another one coming up in February. Void played 3 gigs, a 4th was rained out! The last gig was on Halloween and was lots of fun. I was in my wizard costume which made guitar changes difficult (the hat got in the way!) and harmonica even harder (the beard got in the way!) But the place was packed all night. Did well listening to others - Alan Mayer sponsored a show in Benecia which was lots of fun, and fellow Joyful Noiser Chuck Rosene put together a band that played the nearby Circus Pub. Loved it!


Sep  A subset of my Sunday band "Joyful Noise" is set to play a wedding gig at church (Oct. 1) and Void was very active in September having played six gigs. I'm learning some new songs, one for the upcoming church solo performance mentioned last month. I still need to get out and listen to other musicians. Did pay attention to other musicians playing at out gigs.  I'm doing a fair amount of practice, mostly on specific songs.

Aug  I sat in with "Come Together", a Beatles tribute band on the 28th. I didn't play as well as I'd have liked but it was good fun for a good cause (Veterans). Got out to the Circus Pub to hear some local musicians. I'm not practicing as much as I should. I have a solo performance in church coming up.


Jul Void has been very active and getting more local and somewhat earlier gigs. Great because I hate 3:30 am bedtimes! The church performance was great fun. I used the looper so I could play some lead on a song "Thanks for the Joy". The song is known to the congregation and they joined in! Not getting out to clubs.

Jun Did my annual trip to Durango, perhaps my last for awhile. I was less than pleased with my keyboard performances and will probably stick more to guitar! Bought a "Looper" which is turning out to be great fun! I'll perform in church June 10 and with the Beatles band (Come Together) in August, this in addition to a busy July Void schedule.

May Three more gigs in May with Void. Got a new 49-key Yamaha and will use it for the upcoming reunion gigs in Colorado. Joyful Noise started on hiatus for the summer. I didn't get out to any performances in May. Shame on me!

Apr My new toy (the ES339) had an intonation problem, but changing strings seems to have cured it. Played enough at home to meet my half-hour minimum. I got out to listen to a couple of bands at the local Circus Pub. I envied both for their sparse equipment! Void got out three times, not musical triumphs, but reasonable and a good response at a new venue in Sausalito. Void will make a video in May. Expensive but hopefully worth it. Joyful Noise will make a rare, un-church performance at a birthday party.


Mar Got a new toy! I'd been looking for a Gibson ES339 for ages. One finally appeared at Guitar Center used! Yum!  I was back to a normal number of groups. The gig with Come Together Again was fun and went well. I'm glad I did it but a little normalcy is good right about now.  Void is going well, although neither of our March gigs were notable.  I didn't get to a club! Shame on me!


Jan - Feb  Too much of a good thing!  Void, Joyful Noise, and my duo with Jim Schultz were all active and anticipated. But also will sub with Come Together Again (a Beatles tribute band) and the resurgence of Damn Neighbors made for too many songs in my brain.  Okay on seeing performances (saw a cool Apr  April was better than March. My weight, as discussed in group at the Kensington Farmers Market (Iko-Yaya) and want to see them again!  Back into slide guitar!