RESOLVED: Show Brain Activity.  Write: rejoin the Tuesday writing group and contribute. Read at least half an hour each day.  Try new things.

RESOLVED: Travel.  Finish the 58 County Pledge. Look for new travel opportunities. Hawaii. Michigan. Vancouver, Europe, or something else BIG!

Last update: January 2, 2018

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Brain Activity and  Travel Resolutions

Brain Activity


Final Assessment: This was disappointing. Should have easily finished the 58 County Pledge but only did four of the remaining eleven. It should be finished by the end of March 2018. Made it to Vancouver for a few days. Nice. But I need to get out more!

Dec I finished the year visiting four counties in the 58 County pledge. Planned my 2018 birthday, though I heard how I might score Foo Fighter tickets for it. That would rock! Stay tuned.

Nov We had a family gathering in Joshua Tree. We went into the National Park for about a half day, but the traffic jam on the way home was EPIC! Now that's travel.

Oct Hey, October was busy. Didn't do anything dealing with travel. Shame on me.


Sep Vancouver was fun! Looks like I won't finish the 58 Counties. It shouldn't be this hard!

Aug I'm heading for Vancouver! Gonna drive up and stay at a B&B (booked!) Plans? Don't need no steenkin' plans! Need to figure out how to finish my 58 County Pledge. Michigan won't happen this year.

Jun - Jul Though I made multiple day trips to Arcata and Grass Valley, they were to visit people, not really to travel.  I blocked out time to go to Michigan, but I'm finding myself less enthused.

May Dang, nada! I have to make plans for Michigan (September) and a couple of short trips in California in July. And maybe a county or two! 


Apr Didn't go anywhere or plan anything. Need to get on with it!

Feb - Mar I went to Maui, but was sick and it didn't work very well.  Too much rain to do 58 county stuff. A friend found a good Peru / Galapagos package for me!

Jan January was cold and wet so I made no progress on the 58 Counties, but I did reserve a room on Maui for my birthday in March!

Final Assessment: A good year. I look forward to the writing group starting again.

Dec Completed the 50,000 word challenge in 29 days. Chemistry fizzled in the end - I thought I'd see it through but found more and more of it over my head. Still, I got some good stuff out of it. Next up, History of Spain. Reading goes well.

Nov Writing took an unexpected upturn. I took on the challenge of going for quantity. Churn out 50,000 words in a month, uncrafted. More of a brain dump. I'm surprised how time consuming it is, but I'm now ahead of schedule. Yay! Progress on my chemistry DVDs has temporarily stalled, but I'll pick it back up tomorrow.

Oct The writing goes well as does the DVD although I got out of it the last week of the month. Figured out the keyboard well enough for its debut in early November. Reading also goes well, though I've been using my usual time to learn words to a pair of new songs. Hey, learning songs is brain activity!

Sep The chemistry DVD is a bear but I'm getting through it. The writing class is going well and I'm one ahead as planned. I'm plowing through the manual for my keyboard, but I need to roll up my sleeves and piece together a system that will work for me.

Aug Finished the Ottoman DVD, have ordered a Chemistry DVD. Trying to figure out my new keyboard, definitely an uphill fight! Getting ready for my next writing group session, with the plan to write one extra for weeks where I have no time or inspiration. Trying to find out when we start!

Jun - Jul After a bit of a hiatus, got back into the Ottoman DVD, nearing completion.  Reading is good, but still need some new endeavor, since sax lessons are now past tense.

May Started a new DVD set on the Ottoman Empire. Still reading.  Fixed my stereo. YAY!!! 

Apr Nothing new, but the existing list is good. Would like to find some new pursuit or DVD series.

Feb - Mar Finished the Econ DVD.  Good sax progress.  Still reading and writing.


Jan Still good. Made good progress on Economics DVDs, and I'm back into writing.  Saxophone is new!