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I have to confess, I felt rather strange going to a place just to see someone's grave, but this is the Jimi Hendrix Memorial in Renton, Washington, just outside Seattle. It really is a suitable memorial to a guy who influenced so many.

His Electric Ladyland is still my favorite album of all time. Better than Sgt. Pepper, better than Who's Next, just brilliant. The older I get the more I appreciate his genius, both live and in the studio, both as a writer and as a musician. Leaving here, I knew the visit was not only appropriate but necessary.

Play on, Jimi.  (8-27-09)


This is the Spirit of Ethan Allen III.  It was June 10th, 2011, and a break in the weather afforded me to take a pleasure cruise on Lake Champlain.  This was the boat.  I liked Vermont, but expected the history to be the lasting impression.  It was, after all, an independent country for 14 years, from 1777 to 1791.  Actually, Lake Champlain was very important in the history of the US.  On the other side of the lake is Fort Ticonderoga, but this was a much more pleasant experience.  Montpellier (America's smallest capitol) was a good stop too, but only one per state thank you! (6/10/11)


This is Yorktown, where Cornwallis surrendered.  The National Park Service runs things now.  I managed to get caught up in a reenactment of how things were back then.  I don't know how they decided I was to have been "insubordinate" - probably just hard research! (circa 10-10-06)

The John Shinnick 5 Year, 50 State (and D.C.) Pledge!

Recreated Feb. 20, 2021


West Virginia

Harper's Ferry, where the whole John Brown thing went down.  The town also gave birth to the Niagra Movement, forerunner to the NAACP.  Well worth seeing. (circa 10-10-06)


Consider this a throwback to my misspent youth, but I used to drink lots of beer.  I still drink some, so when I found myself in Milwaukee, I stopped off at the Miller brewery there.  I learned that there actually is a patron saint of beer!  How appropriate! It's St. Gambrinus.  They made a statue of him, and this is it.  (9/18/08)


If you go to Wyoming you have to go to Yellowstone National Park..  If you go to Yellowstone you have to see Old Faithful and take a picture.  If you have a website, that's where the picture goes.  THAT'S THE LAW! (6-4-08)

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