John Shinnick's Commitments Resolution

Last update: January 2, 2018

The John Shinnick Web Site

RESOLVED: Honor commitments. Pay bills and other financial commitments on time.  Show up on time and prepared as promised.  Perform work I've promised.  Keep up with family and participate in family events.  Update this website at least monthly!

Note: This commitment gets its own page because I had an odd number and this one came last.

Final Assessment:  Surprisingly this was a strong point. Got behind on this web site a couple of times but only got one complaint. So sue me.

Dec Christmas was handled. No missed commitments. And now

I can throw away my 2017 calendar.

Nov No problems. Bills are all paid and as I get seriously into December my calendar is up to date. But can I handle Christmas?

Oct The "juggle" of September worked! Found a conflict with two music projects, but found out in time to cancel one (a rehearsal) so it's not a failure. I don't think.

Sep Late paying a bill and on submitting new unavailable dates to the band. Finally have my calendars synched up. Trying to juggle a family gathering with band commitments.

Aug This is still good. Gotta sync my calendar because the band is so active! (As soon as I'm done with this update...) Haven't screwed up yet. Need to push church Personnel Handbook to completion!


Jun - Jul This has been good except for the June update!  Hey, you're getting two for the price of one!

May Still doing well. A bit late on this update, but not a disaster.

Apr  Totally spaced on a chiropractor visit.  Fortunately another appointment was available later that day. Still, doing okay.

Feb - Mar Still haven't missed anything.  Got my taxes in on time.  Keeping up on committee stuff.  Better at checking phone messages!  BUT GOT WAY BEHIND ON THIS SITE!

Jan So far so good. Need to carry my cell phone more and be sure to check messages! (January 31 saw me get FOUR important messages late.)