The 53 Town Pledge

Last update: January 21, 2021

Map of Contra Costa County

This map is only a partial accounting of my destinations. It shows cities and towns but not "Census-Designated Places." I don't know what these are, except that I seem to live in one! That would be Kensington.

I visited every state in the US, every county in California, and walked the length of every street in my home town of Kensington. Obviously, the gap is a visit to every town in Kensington's Contra Costa County. We have 19 cities and towns (pictured above) and 34 "census-designated places." or CDPs as I'll call them since it's much easier to type. I don't know what a census-designated place is, except that Kensington, my home town, er, CDP, fits into that category. 

To say "I got there" I'll take a picture and post it here. Unlike the states and counties, it needn't be anything new.


It took some time to find all the CDPs since I couldn't find them on any one map. I'd never heard of half of them, some within ten miles of my house, where I've lived for 37 years, which should add to the fun.