The 53 Town Pledge:


Norris Canyon - Rollingwood

Last update: May 18, 2020

Norris Canyon 5/17/19 (pop 957) This CDP is at the very southern end of Contra Costa County. Norris Canyon Road runs through it but nowhere does it say one is entering or leaving it. This, however, looked promising. It's a gated community and the lady at the entrance verified that this place is actually in Norris Canyon. By the way, the website said the median list price of a home here is nearly $2,500,000. I'll write a check.

North Gate


North Richmond 8/29/19 (pop 3,717) I was disappointed to find that I couldn't take my old paint cans to my local recycling center. That and two long fluorescent bulbs. And what WAS the third thing I had to take? Such a long way for such an essential service. I made my drop-off, took in four other cities and CDPs, came home and saw the bag full of pills past their expiration date. Dang.



Reliez Valley 05/18/20 (pop 3,101) Are you confused? So was I. This sign is located at what my GPS defined as the center of Reliez Valley. Either it's a very skinny CDP or my GPS is wrong, or perhaps Lafayette is trying to gain squatter's rights by putting its sign here. Whatever. If Lafayette is on the other side of the sign, then I'm standing in Reliez Valley.

Port Costa