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The 53 Town Pledge:


Saranap - Vine Hill

Last update: January 21, 2021

Saranap 05/18/20 (pop 5,202) Used to be Dewing Park, which I never heard of either. Both Walnut Creek and Lafayette have offered to annex the place which, like the other three CDPs nestled between the two, posts no signs to let poor travelers know when they're entering or leaving the place. Again, I'm trusting my GPS. See the sign at the bottom asking that we "support Saranap Village"? The Village is in Walnut Creek, not Saranap. Go figure.

San Miguel 1/21/21 (pop 3,392) Yet another CDP for which a photo of the intersection of two streets Tom Tom tells me is its center had to do as evidence I was there. The STOP sign is no doubt there to encourage visitors not to simply pass through this little place, though I would recommend just ignoring it. I saw nothing more exciting.

Tara Hills 8/29/19 (pop 5,126) Other than to simply say "yeah, I been there" I don't have much to say about many of the Census Designated Places of Contra Costa County. And this is one of them. Not a bad place, just nothing but houses and a nice marker at its entrance.

Shell Ridge 1/21/21 (pop 959) I never could figure out what all the cars were doing here, but to the left is the Shell Ridge of Shell Ridge. But some of the markings indicated this might actually be in Walnut Creek. There is no marking indicating when one enters or leaves many of the CDPs. Just around the bend here, there's a Little League field that's part of the Walnut Creek LL organization, but would there be enough kids in a town this size to make up their own team, let alone a league?


Vine Hill 10/20/20 (pop 3,761) Fine dining in Vine Hill, another CDP with, as was once said of Oakland, no "there" there. But apparently they have fine dining. Too bad I'm not a fan of jalapeños.

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