The 53 Town Pledge:


Diablo - Mountain View

Last update: August 30, 2019


Discovery Bay 4/12/19 (pop 13,352) This appears to be the farthest east of any place in Contra Costa. I'd been to this Yacht Club before; my band Void Where Prohibited played here several times before we decided that the drive was just too long. Actually, there is no actual bay, just canals. I don't know where they sail.

El Sobrante

East Richmond Heights

Knightsen 4/12/19 (pop 1,568) This CDP is just east of Oakley, and very rural. There were lots of signs directing folks (like me) to a winery. There were just as many "No Trespassing" signs, including one at the entrance to the place, Petersen's Winery. On their website, their wines are all over $20, so I'll look for it at one of BevMo's five cent sales. Cheap? Me???

Kensington 5/16/19 (pop 5,077) Not just ANY front door, this is MY front door. Actually it's on the side of my house and there is no "front" door per se, but you get the idea. Granted this door is the nicest part of my house, but I always wanted a stylish one. For more photos in Kensington, see the 84 Street Pledge!

Mountain View

Montalvin Manor 8/29/19 (pop 2,876) My destination was Montalvin Park. I found it, I think, but saw no marker calling it such. Instead I found this marker, very nice, not quite a square yard, designating the place "Ruben Anthony Torres Park." Ruben passed away in 2006 at age 11. I assume the park was renamed since it's where Montalvin Park should have been. Apparently Ruben liked music and the Giants. Bless you, Ruben.