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It's all here! I have now visited every state in my country, the United States (my 50 State Pledge). I finished this back in 2011 but lost the result when the old website went down. Recreating it from saved-off files turned out to be a bit easier than anticipated, so on 2-20-21 I did just that.

I've also been to every county in my home state of California (the 58 County Pledge) as well as every town, city, and "census designated place" (CDP) in my home county of Contra Costa, the 53 Town Pledge. What's a CDP? Think of it as a small, unincorporated town.

To finish it all off (though I did it before the 53 towns) I walked the length of every street in my home town (CDP really) of Kensington.

I've done other traveling, but the above promises to myself are what I'm presenting here.

The Travels of Shin

Last update: February 20, 2021


The streets of my town... er... CDP ~ Kensington

The cities, towns and CDP's of my county ~ Contra Costa

The counties of my state ~ California

The states of my country ~ The United States

What's next? Every country on the planet? No friggin' way. Every room in my house? More likely.

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