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The John Shinnick 84 Street, 10 Path Pledge

The YIMBY Project

(Yes In My Back Yard!)

The mean streets of Kensington. Actually, they're pretty nice. Paths can be seen by clicking on the "Kensington Paths" link.


Though it isn't travel in the traditional sense, I've decided that it would be nice to walk every street in my home town. Kensington is geographically small but quite hilly, which makes the streets wind like a bowl of spaghetti. To connect some of the roads for walking, there are designated walking paths. I'm going to walk the length of each of the 84 streets and 10 paths (within the Kensington borders) reporting each walk by date. (As it turns out, two of the paths are closed and inaccessible. I tried (Aug 13 and Aug 15) was turned away.

It should be noted that the elevation of Kensington it typically listed as 587 feet, but this is just the average. The western side is likely no more than 100 feet above sea level. Higher math should indicate that the highest part on the eastern side is likely about 1,000 feet higher. In other words, these walks have lots of up and down to them. The thick street running the length of our fair town is Arlington, which I've heard locals say separates Baja (lower) Kensington on the left from Alta (upper) Kensington on the right. Actually, I've lived here for almost 37 years, so I guess I'm one of those locals.

Since I started the project, I've reorganized things. I have taken the listing of street and path names and moved them to the "PROGRESS" page, where I add the dates the streets / paths were walked. Also, since they don't show on the street map below, I've included a map of the paths, which have added an interesting dimension to this project.

DANG! The list of street names I used omitted Highgate Ct.! There's 85 streets!

Southeast Baja

Southwest Baja

Southcentral Baja

Southwest Alta

Southeast Alta

Central Alta

North Alta

Northwest Baja

Central Baja


2 bonus pages,


Blake Estate

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