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The John Shinnick 84 Street, 10 Path Pledge

August 23, 2018

I had felt sluggish all day. I woke up a little before 7:00 and didn’t feel like trying to get to sleep again, so I went out to breakfast and returned to fall asleep on my couch. This never works well, and I got up about 11:00 feeling groggy. At 2:30 I left for my piano lesson only to find it had been cancelled. Determined to do something productive (and exercise the grogginess out of me) I decided to do my eighth walk. I guessed that a light sweatshirt would be about right, and it was a good call. A comfortable breeze made for another comfortable outing.


You’d think I’d be familiar with the Kensington Library parking lot, but I parked at the north end before realizing that the south end would be closer to both the start and end of my walk, so I moved the hundred yards or so. This turned out to be a bit unfortunate at the end.


For now I crossed Arlington, entering the south end of Rincon Rd. behind the Community Church, and headed a surprisingly uphill north. I followed Rincon to its other end, also at Arlington Ave. then turned back downhill, turning right on Kerr Ave. On Kerr I saw something totally unexpected, a new house under construction. I thought Kensington had long since been built out. Kerr then bends left, becoming Edwin Dr., a seriously downhill stretch of walk, enough to hurt my knees as they braced each step. Many roads in Kensington do so.


I reached the end of Edwin at Highgate Rd., a fairly long stretch to the left, but just a few yards to the right where it merges with Franciscan Way and they both become Contra Costa Rd. as it flows into El Cerrito. The map showed this all clearly. I made the 160-degree turn and headed south on Franciscan Way a few yards before turning right on Anson Way, which quickly bent left into a north-south road. At its south end, Anson ran into Eureka Ave. I turned right and in a few yards reached another crossing into El Cerrito. I turned around to do the somewhat longer stretch of Eureka, which ended at Franciscan Way.

I had to first turn left, heading uphill to the corner of Anson, then came back downhill. I saw a house that for some unknown reason made me think that if I were house hunting, it would be a contender. But I wasn’t, so I pressed on. I soon felt that I should see Reed Place on my left. The sign was very hard to find, but it was there, and I turned left. Like many short cul-de-sacs in Kensington, it’s sometimes hard to tell where the street ends and where a driveway begins. The map showed a straight road, a bit longer than this, but when I followed a short bend to the right, I found three more houses! To be sure I got all of it, I went to its end. Returning toward Franciscan Way, I saw another mail truck and thought I’d ask if the bend was still Reed Pl. or if I’d walked a driveway. Before I could say anything, the letter carrier asked me how my walks were coming along. She was the same one I’d met three days earlier on Kensington Rd.! She informed me that indeed what I had walked was part of Reed Place.

I again continued on Franciscan Way. Sunset View Cemetery was on my right. If the roads in it were public, they would have added one or more likely two walks to this project. As it is, it’s just dead space, literally and figuratively. Franciscan eventually ended at Sunset Dr. I dutifully turned right for about fifteen feet where the west end of Sunset Dr. entered the Cemetery and I turned around to head east. Almost immediately I turned right on Sunset Terrace, which I followed the short distance to its dead end, then returned to Sunset Dr. Again heading east, I soon made a right on Sunset Ct. This was yet another test of where the street ended and driveways began. Again, I erred on the side of being sure I walked the complete length. 


I decided to leave Highgate for my final walk and headed up to Arlington Ave., finishing Sunset Dr. and turning left. I’d already walked the length of Arlington Ave., but had neglected Arlington Ln., a short cul-de-sac like so many others in this project. So I did it now. But as it turned out, I needed to retrace this piece of Arlington Ave. to get back to my car, which I soon did.


At first I was glad I’d moved my car to the south end of the parking lot, until I saw that the car next to it on the driver’s side had not left enough room for me to enter! Would the walk to the north end of the lot been easier than crawling over the parking brake and all that separates the driver’s seat from the passenger seat? I’d say it was a toss-up.


            Rincon Rd.

            Kerr Ave.

            Edwin Dr.

            Anson Wy.

            Eureka Ave.

            Reed Pl.

            Franciscan Wy.

            Sunset Terrace

            Sunset Ct.

            Sunset Dr.

            Arlington Ln.


            Highgate Rd.

The YIMBY Project

So why did they abbreviate "Way"? Did they really save significant money? Besides, someone could get confused and think they were in Wyoming!

A new house in Kensington? Perhaps an old one was demolished. Still unexpected.

A cool little footbridge seen from Sunset Ct. The creek bed below was dry.


I don't know why I liked this house, but I did. But it's not for sale and moving is too hard!


This is a street sign? Some paths are marked better! Again, thanks USPS lady.

Aw c'mon! What a way to end my day!

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