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The 53 Town Pledge:


Bethel Island - Crockett

Last update: January 21, 2021

Bethel Island 4/12/19 (pop 2,137) Though not the avid golfer I used to be, I'd heard of this place but had never played here. This appears to be the main gate and it was closed on a Friday, mid-afternoon. I would later hear that it is now closed. Perhaps. If so, little wonder. The guy in their logo is wearing a heavy jacket. I much prefer shirtsleeves for golf! I saw no sign of life here.

Blackhawk 5/17/19 (pop 9,354) Blackhawk is probably THE ritziest community in the county. This is the Blackhawk Auto Museum (in the Blackhawk Plaza) and it brings back interesting memories. An old band of mine, Damn Neighbors, played a charity gig here, actually in the main showroom straight ahead in the photo. But the cost of insuring moving the 3 or 4 cars to allow for the band and dancing would have cost more than the event brought in. We played here in the lobby, which had the worst acoustics I ever experienced. We did get a chance to see the cars, though. AWESOME! 

Camino Tassajara 5/17/19 (pop 2,197) The road Camino Tassajara goes for miles, but I couldn't find any markings saying either entering or leaving the town. I found a couple of schools, but they turned out to be in Danville. But both Tom-Tom and Mapquest show this intersection to be the center of this CDP. Hmmm...

Byron 4/12/19 (pop 1,277) I find it appropriate to mention that I'm using Wikipedia for my population numbers. These two are actually in sync! It's especially appropriate because Byron doesn't seem to be very, um, photogenic. Excelsior Middle School is just down the road, but this just seemed to be a better shot. 

Clyde 10/20/20 (pop 678) I don't know why this CDP is called Clyde. It was the company town for the Pacific Coast Shipbuilding Company. It's right behind Diablo Creek Golf Course in Concord, where I've played many times. This is Big Oal Tree Park, though the one tree in the middle of the tiny park (maybe 50' wide and 250' deep) is this pine tree. Life's mysteries abound.

Castle Hill 1/21/21 (pop 1,299) There is no castle in Castle Hill, or anything else that makes it worth going there unless you live there or know someone who does. If I had it to do over again, I'd have left Census Designated Places out of this project, even if I do live in one. The same strategy I used for Camino Tassajara (to the right) is used here.

WebBethel Island.jpg

Contra Costa Centre 5/18/20 (pop 5,364) Why are these kids dancing? They just tricked another person into thinking there was something to this CDP. Actually, this is the Step Ahead Learning Center. Actually, this seems to be a commercial center. Er, centre. But it has no post office; all the addresses are Walnut Creek.


Crockett 8/31/20 (pop 3,094) C&H is the California and Hawaiian Sugar Company. You know the logo. It's headquarters are here in Crockett, along with this large sugar refinery. I never thought of Crockett being a sweet city, but I guess it is!

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