RESOLVED: Be organized.  Keep up some form of "to do" list and cross things off!  Also, keep my finances in order.  Keep house.  Maintain the car.  Always keep my house within an hour from being ready for company!  A place for everything and everything in its place! 

RESOLVED: Cut down on brainless computer games.  This has been a problem for years.  What a waste of my time. Some is fine but if I average over two hours a day, that's a problem.

Last update: January 2, 2018

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Computer Games and Organization Resolutions 

Cut Down on Computer Games

Be Organized

Final Assessment: Somehow things have gotten done, I'm not always sure how. For 2018, I need to devote an hour a day to keeping organized until I'm caught up. 

Dec Bills got paid, appointments got kept, the house stayed in decent shape. I got away from my to-do list completely and need to get back. I made one to start the year and it's HUGE! 

Nov Again, strong finish. The end of November saw me out of town, but the last few days have seen me get my filing done, my calendar up to date, some rooms cleaned, this sudden burst of energy is great!

Oct Got better. Still need to accomplish more, but the house was in fairly good shape and didn't lose track of much. Did overcommit, winding up with two conflicting music rehearsals because one turned out to be longer than expected.

Sep This was utterly horrible. To do lists pretty much went away and the house was probably three hours away from being ready for company. My finances kinda got away from me, and I was late paying my auto insurance bill for no good reason.  As I head into October. things are much better, but things were out of control. I've got an updated to do list.

Aug Given all the changes of things, this hasn't been bad. After this update, I'll sync my calendars (I still need to buy a 2018!) so I can meet my band and life obligations. It should be a monthly chore. I got away from lists with no ill effects, but need to get back to them. Took my car in for routine service. Laundry room construction is done and things are back to normal.

Jun - Jul It turns out that the big project of late has been collecting documentation of all the home improvements over the years, so if I sell the house, I won't be taxed as much. Close to done, but what a chore! The house is a bit torn up due to laundry room construction, but all things considered it's okay. 

May I'm doing some major reorganizing and throwing stuff out. It's inspired by the book "What's a (Dis)Organized Person To Do. I've got two boxes of old bills and such ready for shredding. Still, despite the work being done, the house is in good shape. My computer needs serious work!

Apr Got my format down to two pages, now if I could only find it! The housekeeping got backed up a bit during tax season, but it's starting to get back in shape. Still procrastinating on the new computer. Overall, things are pretty good but it should be better. Too much clutter.

Feb - Mar I've got another format for my to-do list which is pretty slick, except that it's 3 pages. I think I can get it to two.  My computer needs reorganizing AND replacing!  Also, I really need to see what an entirely clean house looks like one of these days (without visiting someone to do it!)  Finances are good and TAXES ARE IN!

Jan Not bad. Finances are up to date, but emails are a bit of a mess. No misfires on appointments. Somewhat hit and miss with to-do lists. Still, given an hour's notice I could deal with company!


Final Assessment: Wait 'til next year. Oh wait, it IS next year.

Dec This was down only because I went north and didn't have access to my computer.

Nov The last 3 days have seen a marked decrease. Just a burst of energy and a desire to get certain things done. These days are actually all in December, the joys of procrastination, but hey, it's a positive turn.

Oct z-z-z-z-z-z-z

Sep No change

Aug Yup, same old same old.

Jun - Jul No change, no change. I feel like I'm talking to a panhandler.

May Still too consistent.

Apr I'm far too consistent. 

Feb - Mar Still too high, still too high.

Jan Still too high.