RESOLVED: Be healthy.  Keep my weight reasonable.  Right now I'm at 192 (Jan 9) which is decent. I want to hit 185 sometime in 2017 and NEVER go over 199. Do routine doctor, dentist, eye exams and do specialist things. Adequate diet (fruits & veggies, no excessive junk food) and exercise (5 days a week either walking or golf or reasonable substitute). Take my meds.

RESOLVED: Be musical.  Play music (not including performances) an average of 1/2 hour a day when at home or have access.  Listen to music (at least 1 club or concert per month!) Give sax a chance!

Last update: January 2, 2018

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Final Assessment: Rather disappointing I gained 9 pounds over the year and never got into the 180s. My back gave way due to years of bad posture, my right shoulder is giving me problems for no good reason, but both are being addressed with good success. Due to carelessness I cut my left middle finger pretty bad (see Jun - Jul) but it's okay now. 2018 will be better!

Dec Dang, 201 on January 1. I let the holidays disrupt my exercise routines for the last week and a half.  But I did okay otherwise.   

Nov 197 on December 2. A great month. PT is now at once a week, not twice, because of progress on both my back and shoulder. The ibuprofen was eliminated, so taking my meds is easier and I've been good. Exercises have been good.  Golf, here I come. (Maybe just nine holes.) Thanks Dr. Ryan.

Oct 198 on November 1. Good news! I no longer have sciatica! Looks like it was stenosis all along. I found this out by hosing my rotator cuff and the physical therapist noticed I was walking kinda weird. So in addition to a tamsulosin pill daily, I now should take 3 industrial strength ibuprofen staggered through the day. I'm not doing well getting all these in, the mid-day one is hard to remember! But I've been good at doing my therapy exercises, about 20 minutes per day, plus my walks.

Sep 197 at the start of October and worse, at one point I hit 200.4, resolution broken. Too much junk food between meals. Further, at the end of three of the five weeks in the month I had a Tamsulosin tablet left over. I seem to have a sore shoulder that I fear may be a recurrence of my rotator cuff problem. I've made the appointment. Did get to my dentist appointment. Whoopee. 

Aug Back to a 193 start for September. My back is, well back. but the strain was horrible. Had a short lapse in my exercise during the recent heat wave, but it was just four days. My PSA test showed it going back down, YAY! Did the root canal follow-up. Sleep is back to reasonable patterns.


Jun - Jul 193 to start July, but 196 start August.  Of course, I hurt my finger in early June, but as I finish July it's pretty well healed up.  Thanks Alta-Bates ER!  But hey, I need to be more careful! As I write this, my back really flared up, not with the sciatica but just a standard strain. Yesterday I could barely walk, but it's better today.  I got my lab test for my urologist visit next week.  I kinda blew off my July follow-up for the root canal I had a few months ago, but I'm scheduled for this Monday. Sleep has been VERY erratic of late, I'm not sure why. Generally getting decent exercise and diet has been good.


May 195 as of June 1, back headed in the right direction, 194 this morning. Gotta get back to fewer between-meal indulgences. Had my eye exam and had a sore of some kind removed from my foot. Added some exercises to my routine so it's now about 15 minutes in addition to my walking. Good on diet essentials and taking my meds. If I hadn't hurt my hand, this would have been a good month! 

Apr Yikes, 198 the morning of May 1. It never got above that. Yeah, I'm getting back to what I did to get under 190 not long ago.  As of today it's 193. Set up my routine eye doctor appointment and have been doing my chiropractor exercises. Everything else is good.

Feb - Mar I started March at 193 and April at 195. Not a good trend, but not alarming. A bit too much noshing.  I've been seeing the chiropractor regularly and have generally done as recommended.  I had the flu from mid February through mid March, but that's behind me.  Good on taking walks, which is also recommended for my back.  Saw my dermatologist and urologist. 


Jan As of February 1, I'm at 191. Amazing. Got my lab tests done for my upcoming trip to the urologist and actually have an appointment set up with a chiropractor, long overdue. Had a root canal (not as easy as the last one.) Decent on diet and good on taking walks.

Final Assessment: A good year, lots of gigging, A pretty good slug of serious practicing (for awhile anyway) but it tended to be feast or famine. Picked up sax but with no venue for it, I had to put it aside. Piano, here I come. 

Dec Pretty good, but I need to get back to practicing again. I have a piano teacher lined up but we couldn't get together due to the holidays. Saw two acts at the Circus Pub, though only about half an hour of the second one. Damn Neighbors, the band that won't die, had a reunion. Good fun.

Nov Weird. I stopped my music routine out of frustration with a couple of gigs. But with a little adjustment in content focusing more on working with my gear should help. I've been focusing my energies elsewhere. The church duet went well. Heard no performances and will try to finish strong. AND - I've signed up for piano lessons.

Oct Another good month. Very good at practicing. Heard two performances (sorta making up for last month) and learned two songs for the upcoming church duet (see September). I made a brief attempt to use my mandolin on one of them, but I'll stick with what I know. 

Sep Again very good, though I didn't go out to hear anybody. I've done a bunch of woodshedding, and my routine is more than acceptable. I'll be doing another duet with Joe Christofalo in November at the church. I'm figuring out the keyboard piece by piece, but need to start experimenting.

Aug Very good. After some gear problems, I overhauled my pedalboard and things are much quieter. Got back to doing the guitar exercises I learned some time back. Joyful Noise starts up this coming weekend - should be fun (again.) Void still very active (3 gigs last weekend, two more this one!) Saw a very good Beatles tribute band, Ticket to Ride, plus the afternoon act before one of the Void gigs and a band at the Kensington Farmer's Market. Bought a Nord keyboard (pretty high-end) and am trying to piece together how it works. Crappy documentation.

Jun - Jul  I found I was juggling too many things (note the lateness of this update) and something had to give.  For the time being, it was sax lessons. Pity.  Saw a few acts: In early June, my friends Gary and Eva performed in Grass Valley while I visited. While there I also saw "Jam Sandwich", a local act I also attended a flute / clarinet recital. More recently I saw an iteration of "Come Together" at a Walnut Creek battle of the bands. Void is still very active, though I didn't go with them to Colorado this year. Not playing guitar at home enough, in part due to a residual blister from the accident - I don't want to aggravate it more than necessary. Performed for a church service with fellow members Joe Cristofalo, Susan McKenna and Jason Ulibari - it worked out very well indeed!

May Sax is still hard but still fun. Marty Stuart (no surprise) was great. I actually fixed my stereo! Nothing new to report really, but the old stuff is good!


Apr Sax is hard, at least for me it's harder than flute, but I'm making headway.  Not much listening, but have my ticket to see Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives this month. Bought a new effect for my guitar, a feedback generator. Lotsa fun and led me into a burst of guitar playing, much needed.

Feb - Mar Saxophone is seemingly taking root.  It's been much more of a struggle than I anticipated, but I'm progressing at a reasonable rate. I've been stopping by to see bands at the farmers market and stopped in to see John Tinloy at the Circus Pub.  Playing enough flute to stay presentable.  I should spend more time with guitar!  The solo at church went surprisingly well, especially considering I was sick as a dog.


Jan Started saxophone in earnest.  Good teacher (Vincent Lars) but it's not going down as easy as flute! Not good on getting out and supporting others. Did get together with Jim Schultz.  Worked out two songs for an upcoming solo at church, one of which is my own!  More to follow.