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Socialize and Community Resolutions

Last update: January 2, 2018

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RESOLVED: Socialize.  Via both direct contact and computer (email, Facebook, etc.)  Expand friendship circles.  Be appropriate and positive in personal interactions (always an uphill struggle!)  Smile.  A snail mail a month!

RESOLVED: Be involved with the community.  Seek and participate in community affairs.  Attend and participate in church.  Be socially responsible and involved.


Community Involvement

Final Assessment: Nope, I really need to get out and socialize more.

Dec Visited family over Christmas. Once again had to miss the Curran party due to the church Christmas concert, and met up with several friends at a Damn Neighbors reunion. Photos were taken and I wasn't smiling in any of them.

Nov I realize that part of the allure of golf is the socializing. I've missed out seeing several friends due to my physical inability to play the goofy game. But I socialized with my family over Thanksgiving.

Oct Again, nothing special.

Sep Nothing special. Did socialize at the B&B in Vancouver.

Aug Went to a movie presentation at the house of a "friend of the band." Good fun. Not anything to report really.

Jun - Jul Snail Mail idea just hasn't taken root. Nothing new to comment on.

May Went to a Memorial Day gathering. Getting way behind on snail mail.


Apr I'm now TWO behind on snail mail! Missed a neighborhood earthquake meeting. Need improvement!

Feb - Mar Again, not bad, nothing special. I'm one behind in snail mail.  Reconnected with an old high school friend who wrote an excellent book.

Jan Not bad. Did two snail mails!  Good job smiling at gigs. No new circles of friends. Overall pretty positive.

Final Assessment: A so-so year. I need to be more active in this area of my retired life. Raise some hell.

Dec Still doing the trash thing, but not much else.

Nov Not bad but not good either. The committee hasn't met in two months and will not meet in December. Still pick up trash.

Oct Again, about the same. Helped with the final push on the committee project.

Sep Pretty much the same. Back in Joyful noise and still doing committee work at church.

Aug Did significant work for the Church, went a couple of times on non-performance dates. Tried to engage police department, again unsuccessfully. Need to do better here.

Jun - Jul Very much like May, though I performed a service at church and will participate in another this coming weekend.

May More of the same. Did some major work on my church committee, but no new involvement.


Apr Again, same as before, missed the neighborhood earthquake meeting which was an opportunity on both sides of this page! Need improvement!

Feb - Mar Same as last month.

Jan Staying active in the church. Went to the Oakland version of the January "women's" march. (Is "January march" an oxymoron?) Still picking up trash in the neighborhood.  Still need to engage the police somehow.