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The John Shinnick 58 California Counties 58 County Pledge

Counties 1 - 6


Del Norte County is #1 because it's in the far northwest corner of the state.  It's there one finds Crescent City which hosts the Battery Point Lighthouse.  It started operation in 1856 and was automated in 1953.  It survived the tsunami of 1964, but was then shut down in favor of a nearby flashing beacon for harbor navigation.  In 1982 it began operation again as a private aid to navigation.

Run by the Del Norte Historical Society, it's open to tourists and, for a budget-breaking $3.00, there's a short tour.  Those who can fit through a small hatch can go to the top.  I did on 5-12-11.


California geography is weird.  Lassen Park isn't in Lassen County.  Modoc Scenic Highway isn't in Modoc County.  And hey, Mt. Shasta isn't in Shasta County, it's here in Siskiyou!  In truth, I may have seen it before, but I'm not sure.  Now I am.  Wow!  This shot was taken from the town of Weed.  This is a definite must see.  So is my #2 Siskiyou sight, Lava Beds National Monument.  Hey, see 'em both! (4-26-11)


In the far northeast of the state is Modoc County.  In the far northwest of said county is the town of Newell, named after the commandant of one our country's worst abominations, the Tule Lake Segregation Center.  It was one of ten places that during WWII, we sent Japanese Americans who had done nothing wrong except to be Japanese.  In 2004, Our beloved president G. W. Bush collected 10 locations in California, Hawaii and Oregon, and called them the WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument.  I suspect Karl Rove had something to do with the name.  THIS WAS VALOR?  Still, we need to remember our folly.  I couldn't get close to the actual site because the monument is not yet funded.  Sometimes I really feel embarassed. (4-27-11)


First it was the gold rush.  More recently it was the flower growing industry that brought a wave of settlers to Humboldt County.  But sandwiched in between, it was the logging industry.  And when you made it big as William Carson did, you can build a huge Victorian mansion like this one at 143 M Street in Eureka.

At Christmastime they put up lights which make it really great.  I took this shot on 12/26/09 while visiting my brother's family over the holidays.  You can find out more about the mansion at


Weverville is the big town in a county that has no incorporated cities!  It tends to be a starting point for hiking expiditions, but it was also the home of a large group of Chinese who settled to find gold in the area.  They founded Joss House, a great stop for this county.  This is a Zen shrine, preserved as a State Park.  This is near the entrance.  Again, like most State Parks, budget cuts made it inaccessible on certain days, among them being Wednesdays and Thursdays when I was there.  Still, this was nice.  (4-25-11)


 As I stated in my Siskiyou stop, Mt. Shasta isn't in Shasta County, but as my brother told me, Sundial Bridge is.  It's in Redding right on Interstate 5.  Take it in as part of Turtle Bay Park.  The bridge is really neat but has been photographed many times.  This piece of "art" was incredibly enhanced by a kid who was literally into art.  This piece is under the bridge.  The nearby garden is really worth at least an hour.  See this place!!!

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