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Okay, I've not done anything to this website in over two months. To the millions and millions of those who look at this regularly, my apologies. I got very busy with a big church project and was busier than at any time since retirement. Odd part was that when it was all over, I simply had no desire to do much of anything. Updating this site included. There was always time, just no drive.

I've come to realize that social distancing was never a problem. I practiced anti-social distancing for years, and it seems to be just about the same thing. Social distancing seems to just add masks and a six foot radius make it social. I don't understand this, but okay.


I had two leftover N-95 masks and donated one to a neighborhood nurse. Now my own has gone bad, the elastic bands broke too many times to mend. Fortunately, there are now masks available at a local store just up the street. Exactly what they're good for is beyond me, but I'm taking it on faith that they help.

With three I can go for two days and then wash them, hanging them outside to dry while I use the third. Juggling the need for being sanitary with the need to conserve water is weird. What I'm doing is heating the water in the microwave, using dishwashing liquid, scrubbing them and then rinsing, microwaving the masks directly to partially dry and kill off the virus and partially dry before placing them outside to finish the process.

Grocery shopping has been weird. I used to go (literally) 4 or 5 times a week, and I realize now that it was because I liked seeing people and being out in the mix. I'm trying to cut back to perhaps once or twice. I make lists now and that's a good thing. And I'm finding just about everything on them. Last time out, the only thing I missed was garbanzo beans. I'm finding that my vegan diet is pretty sustainable, but I'm adding shrimp, egg whites and yogurt.


I have to add about 20 minutes to my anticipated shopping time to do a sanitizing of the food once I bring it home. The stuff that has to go into the refrigerator immediately gets wiped down with Lysol or washed. Other things get put behind the house for a 3-day wait. I've lost about ten pounds since this all started.

Out of respect for my old habits, I've done takeout from three of my favorite restaurants, Inn Kensington, Renee's place, and Lao Thai Kitchen. I hope all make it through this difficult time.

I've become a big fan of Zoom. I'd had no Zoom meetings for quite some time, then about a month ago I became immersed. My Tuesday writing group and my Wednesday lunch group meet on Zoom now, and it sure beats not seeing some of my favorite people!

My next door neighbor clued me in to what is now an every evening at 8:00 event, a neighborhood howling. Every night at 8:00, people start to howl, like wolves. It seems to be all over the

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Last Update: May 8, 2020

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Berkeley / Albany / Kensington area. Some nights it's more prevalent than others, but it's been very consistent. Apparently, it goes well beyond my neighborhood. A quick search of the internet finds that it seemed to start in Colorado as a means of thanking hospital workers and first responders for their part in our current problems, but has evolved as a way to simply let off steam. I participate. Screw dignity.

I'm trying to impose routine. I'm trying to walk a couple of miles every day, read, keep up with my housework, all the things I had in my normal routine before. And playing music. The weather turned nice this week and I found that playing on my front (technically my side) porch is relaxing and fun. Neighbors wave which is nice.

I expect to have some significant writing all over this website. A good friend of mine sent me an email to tell me that he'd looked in on it to see how I was doing. He was concerned to see nothing by way of updates. Obviously the Journal page hasn't been working. By design, it should be updated at least once a week. Not even close.


I'm starting with this page, but this month I want to touch all sections. Even the writer section should see long overdue additions. But overall, the news is as good as could be expected, perhaps better.

I hope you can say the same.

Hey, if I'm gonna write about the Corona thing, this is the appropriate visual. So there!

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