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The streak is ending. There will be no general update. Nothing wrong here, I just don’t wanna do it. The last time I didn't do a full update was last August. I had other priorities then. So this month, there are no new Musician, Physical or Homeowner pages. Not much happened, so I’m going to leave it at just a new main page, a Scholar update and a quote. So here’s a synopsis of the month’s events. 


Music: Though nothing earthshattering happened, I did get together with Joe and Art of The Blues Daddies a couple of times. One thing that’s kinda fun is that we’ve been working up a song I wrote, “Wake Me Up” and it’s coming along well. It’s the first time since I was about 15 (and the songs I wrote then were horrible) that I got to hear a song I wrote actually played with a band.


House: I lost my hot water a couple of nights ago. The next morning, I realized that my heating also didn’t work. I called a plumber and found the gods were with me. He arrived about two hours after my call. What had happened made perfect sense when he started going through the problem step by step. Something had caused my automatic gas shutoff valve to trip. He reset it and sure enough, I had heat and hot water. 


My body is falling apart. My right knee is probably as healed as it will ever get, which is to say I still get a slight tug in it when I take stairs, but it’s acceptable. My left shoulder is my main focus, and I’m going to rehab. Twice a week for it. Progress has been slow. Part of the problem has been a sore back. 


Thrown into the mix, I’ve just come out of a two-week lapse into AFib. That’s twice the duration of my prior longest stint since my cardioversion, 12 days. I’m rather grateful that I don’t have symptoms other than my Kardia Mobile device tells me I’m in it. When I am, my cardiologist tells me to up the dosage of Metoprolol, which acts to slow my heartrate down. 


In other health news, I took my COVID 19 vaccination card down from the fridge. I think we’re done with those, although I’ve got a couple of friends who caught the diseasr for the first time recently. I’ve still been lucky. But my weight is up to 207. Dang.


The big news of late has been my push to get my end of life legal documents in line. I got a lawyer to draft them up for me. I just finished going through the first draft and it’s hideous. It’s actually seven documents, a total of 66 pages written in legalese. They set up a trust as well as powers of attorney for health and finance. Throughout the process of reading them in excruciating detail (about two weeks, and I still have to organize my notes) I was reminded of Marissa Tomei’s line near the end of “My Cousin Vinny”. See my quote of the month.

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Mini-Update (this page only)

Last Update: May 3, 2024

John Shinnick 3.0: It's All About Me

I’ve let my house get kind of messy of late, but it’s not too bad. I’ve actually had a couple of people drop by and didn’t feel too embarrassed about it because I could shut to doors to my back rooms! I’ve gotten well into my post-winter weeding, but with my body in its current condition, it’s difficult.


I mentioned not long ago that I wanted to do each writing prompt in a “300 Writing Prompts” book I bought a few years back. I’m happy to say that as of the end of April, I’ve finished 105 of them, five ahead of schedule. My big writing project would be to update my autobiography. I haven’t touched it for going on 15 years. I’ve lived a bunch of life since then. Musical, Health, Family, just tons of stuff has happened. Will anyone want to read it? Likely not. But I want to get it straight in my own mind.  

~ Quote of the Month ~

What a f#&%ing nightmare! ~ Mona Lisa Vito (as portrayed by Marisa Tomei in "My Cousin Vinny")

A little earthier than my usual quote of the month, but it pretty well sums up my feelings about the end-of-life planning process which is making me crazy lately.

Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei from the classic "My Cousin Vinny" Yeah, she was a bit of a potty mouth, but she won the Oscar for Supporting Actress for this film.


As always, blue buttons indicate new content since the prior monthly update. 


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