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So here I am, again with no discernible theme for this last month. It's stretching the bounds of "same old, same old". I wonder if that's why I opted for a new toy. Usually that means some new guitar or something else fun like a bicycle. No, this time. After considerable soul searching, analysis and gut feel, I went ahead and bought a gasoline-powered generator to see me through the upcoming outage season.


I really hated last year's outage, a little over two days. I think we got off lucky with just one. I anticipate two or three this year, each lasting a couple of days. Just a gut feel. This beastie makes no real economic sense. Better to buy a Coleman stove, and live like a cave man for a few days. But I decided that I'd take a different approach and fight back.


I'll have to manage my total usage, but I'd have warm baths, television, internet, and a functioning refrigerator. Maybe even a light or two. Microwave? I made lots of trips out to my "Smart Meter" to see how much electricity each of my gadgets was using. I looked at how loud the different generators were. 

Long story short, I overspent my budget and got the relatively quiet Honda EU3000iS. I got it up and running and had the electrician over to hook the "Transfer Switch" to my house. This is a beastie that mounts on the house and meshes with the electrical system. Then, when an outage hits, I just pull out the generator, plug it in to the transfer switch, turn it on and watch television until about 11:00 or so when, in deference to my neighbors, the environment, and the cost of gasoline, I'll turn the contraption off for the night. The next morning I'll see how my former employer PG&E is doing and, if needed, gas it up again for another day. What fun!


Of course, the retailer sold me the wrong transfer switch, so the new one is on order and is due any day now. I love technology.


I'm still playing music on my porch, even learning some new songs. The neighbors haven't called the cops on me yet. On

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foggy days (like today) it's a bit cold, so I save it up for the next day. The joys of not being paid.

My writing group is done for the summer and won't be back in session until mid-September. The idea was floated that we should get together at a park for a picnic at six feet. I hope it works out.

Meanwhile, my Wednesday lunch group still Zooms. I host this one. It's good to see the others on a weekly basis.

Something that's working for me? Baseball! The Giants aren't great, but they don't seem to suck as bad as last year either. But a couple of other teams have had big COVID breakouts. I hope the championship is determined by the first team in the standings, not the last team standing.

My new toy. Now I have a second Honda to keep my Honda lawnmower company. I'm (almost) ready for the 2020 outage season.

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