The Vegan Is Dead!

(Long Live the Vegan)


I gave it a good try. I was strict vegan for nearly six months, starting June 1. Then had a Thanksgiving turkey dinner with family. I declared myself 95% vegan, meaning I was going to make situational exceptions. Like Thanksgiving dinner. But I think I've learned enough to go forward not calling myself a vegan at all.

Some things I've learned:

  • Vegan cheese is hideous.

  • I learned to like tofu with surprising ease.

  • I simply can't deal with eggplant.

  • Impossible Burgers and the like make being vegan on the road easy.

  • Reading ingredient labels is really difficult.

  • People are very supportive of vegans.

  • It's easier to be vegan at home than eating out. Too many questions you need to ask at restaurants.

  • I really like curry. I prefer Thai over Indian.

  • Monitoring protein intake is hard.

  • Juggling priorities is WAY hard.

  • I often feel guilty as others try to accommodate me.

  • I haven't missed beef or pork. Substitutes are improving.

What am I gonna do about it?

  • I will continue to eat lots of vegan stuff, actively seeking it out.

  • I will, perhaps 2 - 3 times a week do fish & other watery things like shrimp.

  • I will accept milk and butter at restaurants, but ask for substitutes.

  • Mammal meat is still off my list. No beef or pork. Bad for the environment AND I feel a closeness to them, much more than other species.

  • Mammal by-products? Cheese is back on the menu but in limited quantities. I'll keep a lookout for improvements! Avoid leather etc.

  • Fowl? Special occasions if I must. Eggs? Occasionally.

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So for my birthday I had a scone (milk and butter in it) with butter on it. Then I drove four hours north to the Benbow Inn, a great getaway for my birthday. I had an Impossible Burger on the road, and a Salmon dinner (west coast Canadian, deemed pretty okay by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.) 

Benbow has what looks like a somewhat vegan dinner option (or was it noodles... and are they egg noodles... SO hard!) that I'll try tomorrow. They have a lentil soup that's definitely vegan.

Rationalization: Environmentally, being vegan is great, but the biggest problem is that there are too many people on the planet. I never had kids. Point, set, match.

I'll report here from time to time as to how I'm doing. I'll probably end up being unclassifiable. Sorta vegan, sorta vegetarian, sorta pescatarian, part Presbyterian... no, that isn't right. That was a phase I went through about forty years ago.

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