The End (We Can Only Hope)


I've become a big fan of Gavin Newsom for his handling of Covid-19 in California. Sure, he made the big boo-boo when he held a big fund-raiser maskless. Apology accepted. All in all, I think California has done an admirable job of navigating the need to keep safe with the need to open things up. Now we're looking at a total reopening on June 15. I'm confident that this is a good idea. A great idea. Not too early, not too late, just about right.

This week, my writing group's leader posed the challenge to list how the pandemic affected us. This is my list so far.

  • I haven't seen family.

  • I've surprisingly read less - I did most of my reading while eating breakfast in restaurants.

  • No dine-in restaurants. I began eating take-out.

  • I bought a coffee maker and make my own to go with yogurt and fruit for breakfast.

  • A weekly group lunch meeting became a Zoom meeting.

  • Church activities also went Zoom.

  • Instead of several grocery runs per week, I went to about one every week-and-a-half. I started making full-blown lists.

  • I always wore a mask outside of my house, and disinfected gloves when shopping.

  • No overnight travel and far less driving.

  • My sleep habits changed for the worse.

  • Hand-washing became both more frequent and more conscientious.

  • I began playing guitar on my porch.

  • I stopped playing music in groups.

  • No physical human contact.

  • Bouts with mild (I think) depression.

  • Fear: Will this be what finally does me in?

  • I brought my mail in with gloves and waited 3 days before opening it.

  • No monthly massage.

  • I disinfected my kitchen counter before buying groceries. Also my computer table, mouse and keyboard among other things.

  • I wiped down my groceries before putting them away or kept them outside for 3 days.

  • Savings went up.

  • Charitable giving went up.

  • Golf rules changed, eliminating sand traps and making putting easier.

  • The music club I went to closed.

  • More time in the house = more eating.

  • More television.

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To become a thing of the past?

Maybe not entirely.

I haven't done all of these throughout - as we learned more about the virus and how it travels, I stopped wearing my mask on walks, stopped wiping down my groceries, and waiting 3 days before opening my mail. Massages are back (pun intended) and I'm rehearsing with my old band for a reunion in Durango, Colorado.

Some changes seem like good ideas. Disinfecting my kitchen countertop and computer area on a regular basis is a good idea. So is more thorough hand washing. As things normalize I'm hoping my sleep and my overall disposition improve. And I can't wait to see my family!

But what a thing to have gone through.

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~ Quote of the Month ~

I think we can all do better. ~ Jim Jeffries.

Jim Jeffries is an Australian comedian who had a weekly show on Comedy Central. It lasted three years and I really liked it, and kinda hoped he'd get a shot at coming in before or after The Daily Show. This was his sign-off line. No finger pointing, no politics, just a needed challenge. And so true!