Every year we all reach milestones, but I think with age, I'm noticing them more. Like earlier this year when my car passed 200,000 miles. Now I realize that I've reached three important dates on three consecutive days, October 30, 31, and November 1. I thought it would be fun to reflect a bit on each and share these thoughts with y'all!

October 30 was my dad's birthday. He'd have been 109. He and I had what I would call a complicated relationship. He often infuriated me (like most fathers i suppose infuriate their kids) and in later years I looked back and wished he'd been less of a laissez-faire parent in many aspects of my life.

At the same time, I can also look back to many admirable characteristics. He was more socially progressive than many of his contemporaries, he was a fundamentally honest individual, was accepting of my friends, provided a safe home environment, and was never violent. He taught me baseball, football, and especially bowling.

Sadly, my dad died suddenly of a stroke when I had just turned 19. Our relationship was improving as I approached adulthood. 

It's been said that tradition is merely peer pressure from dead people, but this year I started one. I took a pewter mug which was actually a bowling trophy that HIS father had won (I have fond memories of him, too) and drank a toast to the both of them. I plan on doing this every year. Better late than never!

October 31 marked the third anniversary of my second retirement, this one from professional bands. It was a Halloween gig at Smitty's in Sausalito, a way-fun gig and good finale to my stint with Void Where Prohibited. Much like my relationship with my dad, my relationships with bands had always had their ups and downs, but in the end it was all good and mostly the physical aspects of performing on a regular basis (gear-schlepping and the odd hours messing with my sleep) that led me to get out of it.

By the end of the year, I will have subbed five times for Void (once on guitar, four times on bass) and this relationship has been fine, though my back is currently rebelling from the most recent.

I do miss fine-tuning songs, and in general, my bandmates have been great. I'm still in contact and often do music with people from many of my old bands, the Stolen Moments, Damn Neighbors, and the Sign in addition to Void. Three have since passed on, RIP Peter, Norlin and Bob.

I may decide I want to get into a regular band again, but it would have to be such an ideal opportunity that it's pretty unlikely.

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Here's to you, dad! (And granddad!)

November 1 was one I'm very disappointed I forgot. It was the 40th anniversary of the day I bought my current house. I never expected this to be a lasting relationship. Back then, I still figured I'd surely get married and have 2.4 kids. I'd need a bigger house than this.

But two bedroom and one bath has suited me just fine. I still make changes to it - I currently have plans to remodel the side porch to make it more amenable to playing guitar outdoors when the weather gets cooler. With any luck (i.e. if the contractor arrives) It'll be done tomorrow!

Will I make it to 50 years? It's hard to say. I'll be 80, and a senior living community may look good, assuming I can still look after myself! Or I may just decide to move just to shake up my life, which I've considered once or twice already.

But for now, this is home.

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Hindsight ain't worth a damn - Billy Carter

Yeah, the brother of former president Jimmy said that if he had it all to do over again, he'd probably just screw his life up again. Yeah, Billy, I think that's true of most of us.


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