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Last Update: July 1, 2022

Baby Steps


I recently had lunch with the leader of my writing group. She was surprised with the lack of entries in the “Shinn the Writer” section on this site. I’ve presented well over 200 essays to the group, most of which I still have. I have only eight of these posted. Why so few? My website, hosted by Wix, has a limit of 100 pages, and I’m up in the nineties already. It would cost me more than I want to pay to move up to the next level of product, geared far more to running a business than to serving the needs of a humble guy just trying to let the world know he’s alive.


I wondered if there was some intermediate step I could take and just pay for an additional 50 pages or so. Something they didn’t want to advertise, but would offer on demand. I took a step I hadn’t taken in years, actually when I went to Wix to begin with. I contacted them for support.


One of life’s frustrations is that companies avoid talking to their customers. It’s expensive for them when they can provide the illusion of contact with artificial intelligence or simple tree-designed question responses. Wix, while it provides these (I tried) also gave easy access to either live chat or even a phone call. I chose the former.


Something I had misses was their concept of “Dynamic Pages” in which the basic format of a page is developed once, and then can be used over and over, with different content, and it only counts as one page. I was pointed to a few short articles but still had several questions about mixing and matching formats, how picture formatting works, and other practical matters. I sent these follow-up questions back in an email, and got a response back within a day.


Sometimes irony works in a positive direction. The irony of my current status is that the obvious starting point is my writing section. If this doesn’t convert properly, no harm no foul. If it does, I can proceed to convert other sections and grow my web site to give my millions and millions of avid followers the content you all deserve.


Hopefully, I’ll be able to do my experimenting in July, though July is going to be pretty busy. I’ll be away for a bit and then will need to catch up. If all goes well, the question will be how much time I’ll want to spend converting old content as opposed to developing new. Much will depend on how the converted stuff looks and how easy conversion turns out to be.



In other exciting news, I’m once again (I think this is my seventh or eighth attempt) studying Spanish. I have low expectations, but if I go out of the US and Canada, I have two likely destinations: Ecuador and Spain. I suspect Ecuador is more likely, because I have two close friends who go there for extended periods of time (2-3 months) annually. They said I could come down for a couple of weeks during their stay. I’ve never been south of the Rio

Two Things

Cuenca, Ecuador. Looks nice!

Grande. They tell me that Cuenca, Ecuador’s second largest city, is cosmopolitan and has a wonderful ex-pat community.

Spain was the first country outside of the US and Canada I ever visited. It was back in the late ‘70s when I was working for Chrysler and my cousin Marilyn was working for Aeroquip, a 

subsidiary of Libby Owens Ford, and assigned to a factory in Madrid. She was an accountant. I was reluctant to take the kind of vacation that would have been appropriate, at least two and a half weeks, and we spent ten days split between Madrid, London, and Paris. I’ve never made it to Portugal. An Iberian tour would be good fun. Okay, Portuguese people speak Portuguese, not Spanish, but Spain would be more fun if I spoke some Spanish or even just understood and read a little.


It’s well-documented that geezers like me have a hard time learning languages. I’ve often wondered if geezer methodologies exist. A quick online search makes it appear that they may. But for now, I’m back using “” which is one I tried a few years back. I made the most progress ever with it, though that still wasn’t great. I could probably use more audio and written material.


Like most things on this site, stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted.